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Student works with Physics instructor to learn instrumentation during a science experiment

Uncover the physical and material world through observation, calculation and experimentation. Take courses in biology, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, statistics, physics and astronomy that transfer to university. Hone skills in mathematical and scientific reasoning, computer and technological literacy, research and evaluative skills, analysis, synthesis and integration of knowledge, as well as critical thinking and problem solving.

Meet a student

Meet Sally Nimmo, a Bachelor of Computer Information Systems student who applied her education and gained experience working part-time at a local software company.

Meet an instructor

Ryan Ransom is a professor in the Physics and Astronomy Department at Okanagan College, who shared some knowledge about the Penticton crater on Mars.

Meet our faculty


Discover the living world around you in studies focusing on all levels of biology, from molecules to organisms to ecosystems – and everything in between.


From rare earth metals in your smart phone screen to the organic compounds that build all living things, discover how atoms, molecules and ions interact to make up the world around us.

Computer Science

Master technical aspects of computer information systems, including software development, database systems and systems analysis.

Human Kinetics / Kinesiology

Study health and exercise sciences to become a community leader in sport, recreation, fitness and wellness.

Mathematics and Statistics

Mathematics uncovers hidden patterns that shape our understanding of the world. 

Physics and Astronomy

Explore how things work and approach the world’s problems analytically.




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