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What's involved with building a bridge? How do you properly research social issues like homelessness and addiction happening in your community? When we design homes, what needs to change to increase energy efficient and protect the climate?

Welcome to Experience OC, where you will not only get an introduction into the programs offered at Okanagan College, but a chance to experience them for yourself. Drop in and be a student for an hour! Meet and interact with our inspiring instructors. Get your questions answered. Hear about the exciting education, training and career paths that await. It’s all virtual, so you can Experience OC from anywhere!

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Experience OC Sessions

Experience OC sessions give you a chance to see what classes are like as a student, where professors or instructors may provide an interactive or experiential lecture or activity.

Info Sessions

Info sessions will be specific to a program or area of study at Okanagan College, providing more insight on admissions, requirements, careers and answering any questions students may have.

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Women In Trades Vernon

Tuesday, Jul. 13, 2021 at 6 p.m. (PST)

Info Session

Gateway to the Building Trades for Women is an exploratory program designed to introduce women to the training and opportunities available to start a career in the trades. Find out how you can participate in the September intake in Vernon and start your career in as little as 3 months! Participants learn new skills in carpentry, plumbing, electrical, automotive and more. They are also given the opportunity to develop professional skills to help secure and maintain employment. No pre-requisites required for the program. Sponsored spots available.

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The series of sessions runs through to April. As more sessions are finalized, the schedule will grow -- and could cover off a subject area you are interested in! Sign up for updates and we will contact you when new sessions are added.

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Recorded sessions

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