International Education

Admissions Requirements

Please make sure that you read and understand the admission requirements for your program before you apply. If you are not sure whether you meet the requirements you can contact a marketing and recruitment specialist covering your region.

Age Requirement
Applicants must be 18 years of age, or turn 18 during their first semester. Applicants who are 17 years of age may be admitted if they have completed British Columbia Grade 12 or equivalent, or if they wish to study for the summer session only.

English Language Requirement
At Okanagan College admission requirements are program specific. Be sure to check your program admissions requirements for the level of English required.
How to meet English Language Requirement

Documentation of English Language Proficiency should be sent directly by email to

or Mailed to:
Okanagan College International Admissions
1000 KLO Road
Kelowna, British Columbia
V1Y 4X8

University or College Graduates
Applicants who have successfully completed a recognized Bachelor degree from an accredited institution at which English is the language of instruction may submit their academic transcript for review by Okanagan College. Subject to verification, this degree may be used to meet the English requirement for admission to Okanagan College. In addition to English, all students must meet program specific prerequisites.

Academic Requirements
Proof of high school graduation
If an applicant is under 19 and has not been out of full time high school study for a minimum of one year they must provide proof of high school graduation or equivalent. All other applicants must provide proof of the subject requirements.

Transferring to University
Students have the option of completing some degree programs at Okanagan College, or transferring courses to another university to complete their degrees. Please note that each university has its own admission requirements. Students who wish to study full time in university transfer or college programs must meet the Okanagan College English entrance requirement, as well as any specific program pre-requisites. Please refer to the online Okanagan College Calendar for required pre-requisites.

Degree programs in Canada normally take 4 years to complete; diploma and associate degree 2 years, and a certificate program is 1 year or less.

How to Apply

Have a look at some of the programs that we currently offer for international students and review the admission and graduation requirements. If you have any questions about admission requirements you can contact our Marketing team for more information.

You are required to attach all supporting documentation to your application. Please note that transcripts must be in English or translated into English by an official translator.

  • Upload your documents and save and label them
  • All secondary/high school transcripts in one file
  • English language proficiency documents (Duolingo, IELTS, TOEFL, LPI or other) into one file
  • All post-secondary documents (transcripts, degrees, diplomas or certificates ) in one file
  • Copy of your valid passport 

Failure to list and provide transcripts from all institutions you attended on your application may be considered an intentional omission and will lead to the cancellation of your application for admission or withdrawal of your offer of admission.

Fill out the application form online. Ensure that you have all your documentation organized and are ready to pay the application fee.

  • The fee for processing an international student application is $100 CAD. This fee must be paid at the time of application and is a non-refundable fee. 

  • Application fees must be paid online with a credit card (VISA, MasterCard or American Express) once the application is completed.

Once we have received your application we will review it for admission. You will receive a Letter of Admission indicating the details of your admission to Okanagan College. Once you have received an offer letter from us you can apply for a study permit.

If the length of your program is 6 months or more you will require a study permit in order to study at Okanagan College. To find out more about how to apply for your study permit please contact a Canadian embassy, consulate or High Commission serving your area or visit the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website.

Step 1: Apply to Okanagan College

  • Follow the instructions on how to apply to the College on our website.

Step 2: Contact a Canadian visa office serving your area

  • To find out how to apply for a study permit in your country of residence contact a Canadian visa office serving your area.

Step 3: Collect your supporting documents

  • You may be required to submit additional supporting documents with your study permit letter. Make sure you visit the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website for more information about additional documents which may be required.
  • If your application is approved, you will receive a Letter of Introduction from the Canadian visa office that processed your application. Make sure you carry this letter with you when you come to Canada as you will be required to show this to a Canadian Immigration Officer when you first arrive in Canada.

Applicants already in Canada

  • Applicants who are legally admitted to Canada as visitors or workers may be eligible to apply for a study permit from within Canada. To find out if you are eligible please visit the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website.

A non-refundable deposit is required to hold your seat in your program and will open your registration for your classes. This deposit will be applied to your tuition fees and is payable by the date noted in your letter of admission. The balance of tuition and student fees are payable before usually 3 weeks before classes start. 

Student may pay the deposit by:

  • PayMyTuition  (Canadian and International payment methods, including credit cards)
  • If you would like more information about paying your tuition fees see payment options

There are a number of housing options available for students. You can choose to live on-campus in Skaha Place (our Kelowna student residence) or you can live off campus in a homestay. You can also arrange your own accommodations off campus. Make sure that you apply for your accommodation at least 3 to 4 months before your arrival to avoid disappointment.

How-to Videos

If you have additional questions about the application process you can look through our How-to videos on YouTube.

How-to Videos

Tuition fees

International student tuition fees vary from program to program. To find out the estimated costs for your academic program please use the cost calculator on the right or view the international estimated cost page.  Prices do not include student association fees (applicable to ESL for Academic Purposes, Certificate, Diploma and Degree programs only). Your account must be paid in full by the fee payment deadline. If you add or change courses after the fee payment deadline additional fees may be charged to your account.

You are expected to have enough money to cover the costs of your tuition, accommodation and living expenses while in Canada.  Please see more information on the minimum funds needed to support yourself as a student on the  Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada-IRCC website. 

Students taking a minimum of three courses will still be considered full-time students and have all the benefits that this offers – including a more manageable course load, and the opportunity for off-campus work provided they meet all Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada-IRCC requirements.

Cost calculator

Payment SCAM Alert

We have been alerted that there are companies contacting students to offer a discount on their tuition.  They will ask for your student ID so they can make a payment on your account through PayMyTuition (PMT).  After you can see their payment on your Okanagan College (OC) account and send them your money, they dispute their payment with PMT and the payments on your OC account are reversed.  This puts your OC account in bad standing which will result in a HOLD on your account, reducing your access to many OC services, and could cause you to be dropped from classes or delay graduation if you are at the end of your program. 

Payments to OC student accounts should never be made by unrelated third parties.  You should not share your student ID with outside parties.  If you are uncertain if a service is legitimate, please contact the International Education department so we can assist.

Be wary of any person offering to make a tuition payment on your behalf or promising a discount on payment. If the offer sounds too good to be true, it almost certainly is. 

Payment options

Online application payments by:
Credit Card Only (Visa, MasterCard and American Express)

Paper application payments by: 

  • Flywire application fee (Foreign funds paying from outside of Canada only) Please note: Flywire will only be available until June 2, 2022

Tuition, Student Fees and Deposits.

  • Tuition fees and deposits should be paid through PayMyTuition  (Recommended) or  Flywire. (Please note: Flywire will only be available until June 2, 2022.)

  • For payments made from within Canada,  online payments can be paid directly through your Canadian bank 

  • For more detailed info about paying student fees, deadlines, using online banking from within Canada, go to more payment options.

Infographic on how to make Payments at Okanagan College 

English for Academic Purposes Certificate – Kelowna Campus

$ 2,946.00 per (140 hour course/4 month semester)

Degree/Diploma Programs
$ 1,473 per course

Trades Programs, Engineering Technology or Health and Social Development Programs
Please see our Program Schedule and Tuition Fees or email

Student Fees and Development and Technology Fees
All Okanagan College students are required to pay student fees each semester. These fees include student activity fees (about $50), development and technology fees (about $150), and student union fees ($80). The exact amount is calculated once you register for classes.

Other Fees
Please note that you may have to pay additional fees including student residence or homestay fees, student association fees and medical insurance fees. To find out more about tuition costs please contact the International Education Office:

If you have to withdraw from courses you may be eligible for a tuition refund, provided that you do so within the withdrawal deadlines stated on the Academic Calendar. Please see Okanagan College Calendar Fees for full refund details for International students, or read the following links:

International Students (effective May 2018 Intake)

ESL and ABE programs: $500
ESL and ABE Student Refund and Deferral Procedures

CCC Vietnam, SDS India and Philippines, Pakistan and Bangladesh Students all programs: $10,000
CCC Vietnam, SDS India and Philippines, Pakistan and Bangladesh Student Refund and Deferral Procedures

All other programs: $5,000
Student Refund and Deferral Procedures

Fall and Winter Courses
For the Fall and Winter semesters, students who formally withdraw are entitled to a full refund, up to and including the end of the second week of classes, less the non-refundable tuition deposit. Students who withdraw after the second week of classes are not eligible for a tuition rebate.

Spring/Summer Session Courses
Tuition fee refunds will only be processed for withdrawals before session start dates. Okanagan College will retain the non-refundable registration deposit.

Vocational and Trades Programs
For partial withdrawals, students will be assessed full fees for each program component in which she/he remains registered. Okanagan College will retain the non-refundable tuition deposit and any penalties that have been assessed. Any additional monies will be refunded.

Rebates will not be granted after the second week of the program.

Unforeseen Circumstances
International students, who withdraw from their programs due to unforeseen circumstances beyond their control, may request pro-rated rebates of tuition less any costs incurred by Okanagan College. Students must submit supporting documents satisfactory to the Registrar. Examples of unforeseen circumstances may include

  • Denial of a study permit by immigration authorities
  • Sickness
  • Death or severe illness of an immediate family member
  • Or other circumstances deemed valid by the Registrar

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The iCent app benefits International Students from the moment they are accepted into Okanagan College throughout their academic lives, by providing useful information and service support.   The app is Free to download for all Okanagan College International Students.

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International Orientation

We are happy that you are joining us this upcoming semester and hope you enjoy studying here at Okanagan College. An orientation session has been planned to provide you with the information you need to successfully start your semester here. Our orientation sessions are intended to help you navigate and understanding how things work at the College, and to make you feel like a welcome part of the College community.

Attending this event is MANDATORY for all new students. Find the next orientation on your campus below.

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