Health and Safety

Who we are

We recognize that people are our primary assets. Okanagan College Health and Safety is committed to protecting everyone at the College from injury and we rely on all employees to ensure that health and safety is at the forefront of all OC activity.

For immediate assistance at any campus

From any cell phone: 250-862-5401

From any campus phone: 6699

Health and Safety: 250-862-5648

Emergency: 9-1-1

Reporting of injuries or incidents

In accordance with the Workers Compensation Act (Sec. 53), all employees and students covered by the WSBC are required to immediately report all work related injuries to an occupational first aid attendant or supervisor/instructor and the campus health and safety office (local 5648).

For the online health and safety incident report, go to myOkanagan below.

Health & Safety committees

All joint occupational health and safety (JOHS) committee members are health and safety champions. Members help ensure the health and safety of Okanagan College’s employees and help identify occupational health and safety issues. Members disseminate health and safety information and foster awareness and understanding of incident prevention.

Okanagan College’s COVID-19 safety planning

Okanagan College is committed to providing a safe and healthy learning and working environment for our students, employees and visitors. To deal with the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic, the College has developed a series of safety protocols, re-occupancy guides, and contingency plans that adhere to federal and provincial health and safety guidelines, as dictated by WorkSafeBC, the Provincial Health Officer and others.

Training and Orientation

New Employee Orientation

If you are a new employee at Okanagan College you are required to complete the New Employee Orientation.

Please view the presentation below and submit your completed New Employee Orientation Checklist to

Employee Reorientation

If you are an existing employee who has been away from the workplace you are required to complete the Employee Reorientation Training

Please view the presentation below and submit your completed Employee Reorientation Checklist to

Download the OC Safe App

Download the OC Safe App to receive updates, and gain immediate access to 911, campus security, emergency procedures, work or study alone check-in, campus maps, support services and more. Available for iOS and Android devices.

Working alone? Learn how to use the work alone safety feature on the OC Safe App

Working alone

Working alone refers to circumstances where assistance is not readily available in event of an emergency.  Okanagan College has developed this safety program to protect employees from the risks of working alone or in isolation where assistance is not readily available.

The Working Alone Safety Program entails identifying hazards, developing control measures, implementing safe work procedures and communication plans, and employee training. The goals of this program are to:

  • Identify and assess existing and potential hazards that may arise where an employee is working alone or in isolation and help is not readily available;
  • Make every reasonable effort to identify, document, and control hazards;
  • Provide an effective means of communication between the employee and the workplace so help can be provided in an emergency;
  • Ensure employees are adequately trained and educated to perform their jobs safely while working alone.


Ergonomics includes the practice of designing someone’s workstation to fit his or her individual needs.  As standard office equipment varies to reflect multiple uses, it is beneficial to make individualized adjustments to fit every person’s body shape and job demands.  Click the button below for more information.

General Health and Safety Rules

These rules apply to all employees, students and contractors at Okanagan College. General rules are intended to ensure that the College is a safe campus and must be followed without exception. Students, faculty and staff can find full details at myOkanagan.

The previously authorized 2011 Safety Manual has been archived and remains online for reference purposes only.

If this is an immediate emergency, dial 9-1-1.

For immediate but non-urgent assistance, please contact the campus security office on your campus and/or submit a security incident report. 

For more details on security procedures regarding emergencies, go to the Security page.

First Aid is provided by designated First Aid attendants and Campus Security.

Call the number above, stating your location including campus, building and room number, and providing your phone number. Stay on the line.

If First Aid is not available, call 9-1-1, stating your location "Okanagan College at...campus, building and room number" and provide the dispatcher with your phone number. Stay on the line.

Answer any questions asked by the dispatcher. Stay on the line.

Do not leave the person unattended.

Do not move the person unless there are other dangers present.

Back up generators and battery pack emergency lights will provide lighting in most areas.

Remain calm.

If you discover a significant water leak, gas leak, or other major utility failure, call Security.

Proceed to the nearest exist and gather at the Assembly Area.

Do not re-enter the building until directed to do so.

If you discover a spill or other hazardous materials, do not attempt to clean up unless you have training in chemical spill procedures.

If there is a known risk of fire, explosion or noxious fumes, leave the area and call 9-1-1 and Security, request HazMat and alert others in the immediate area to evacuate.

Do not operate electrical devices, phones, light switches or equipment near the spill area. Proceed to the Emergency Assembly areas.

If airborne or explosive gases are present outside of the building, follow Shelter in Place instructions (under Security - Active Threat).

If you smell gas, or hear gas escaping and suspect a gas leak, DO NOT pull the fire alarm.

Stop what you are doing, DO NOT use your cell phone or landline or operate electrical equipment or light switches - all have the potential to trigger ignition.

Verbally announce the need to evacuate the building - gather people as you go - and proceed via the nearest exit to the assembly area.

Once you are outside call Security and report the leak.

Do not enter the building until cleared to do so by emergency personnel.

Do not walk through flood water, as it may be electrically charged or contaminated.

Call Security.

All Okanagan College employees, students and visitors are required to wear the specified personal protect equipment (PPE) for the area or specific job being performed.

Okanagan College is committed to providing safe, healthy, and respectful spaces, and recognizes that scented products can negatively impact the health of some individuals. Okanagan College’s Scent Safety Program endeavors to control exposure to scented products by increasing awareness, encouraging individuals to voluntarily avoid the use of scented products in our spaces, and providing guidance on addressing scent-related issues. Follow the link below for more information.

Contact Information

You can reach the Health and Safety Department by phone or email:

Extension #5648


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