Common First Year Engineering Certificate

Develop a base knowledge of engineering while investigating complex problems and designing solutions in this one-year Applied Science certificate program. 

Note: A program revision is currently being undertaken to coincide with an 8 month only program.

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  • Kelowna
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Tuition and fees

2023-24: $6,487.64

Program details

The Common First Year Engineering Certificate program provides the opportunity to study first-year Engineering (Applied Science) at Okanagan College. All courses must be taken at Okanagan College within a 12-month period. Students completing the Common First Year Engineering Certificate are able to apply to some B.C. university's second year Engineering (Applied Science) Degree programs.

Graduation from the Common First Year Engineering Certificate program requires successful completion of all courses in the program outline with a minimum graduating grade average of 70%. Successful completion of individual courses requires a minimum grade of 50% with some courses requiring a higher minimum grade to be acceptable as prerequisites for subsequent courses at various institutions. Minimum graduating grade average for acceptance at receiving institutions will vary.

Upon successful completion of this program students will be able to:

  • Develop a knowledge base for engineering
  • Analyze and solve problems while applying engineering knowledge
  • Conduct investigations into various complex problems
  • Design solutions for complex problems
  • Create, adapt and apply various engineering tools
  • Work effectively in teams and as an individual
  • Communicate complex engineering problems and solutions with professionals and the public
  • Understand the roles and responsibility of a professional engineer
  • Evaluate sustainable/environmental engineering solutions
  • Apply professional ethics and accountability
  • Understand introductory project management and the economic drivers of construction projects
  • Develop a base for computer programming.

Evaluate sustainable and environmental engineering solutions, explore project management and learn about economic drivers of construction projects. Understand the roles and responsibilities of a professional engineer, including ethics and accountability.

Students completing the Common First Year Engineering Certificate are able to apply to second-year Engineering degree programs at various B.C. universities, depending on your final GPA.

Campus Start date Schedule
Kelowna Sep. 04, 2024

Admission requirements

  • B.C. secondary school graduation or equivalent, or 19 years of age and out of secondary school for at least one year as of the first day of classes.
  • English Entrance Requirement:
  • Math Entrance Requirements:
    • A minimum of 67% in any of:
      • Pre-calculus Grade 12
      • Adult Basic Education MATH 012
      • Okanagan College MATH 120
  • Science Entrance Requirements:
    • A minimum of 67% in:
      • Chemistry 12
      • Physics 12
  • All of the above courses must have been completed in the last two (2) years in order to ensure that the student has recent knowledge of the materials contained in these courses.

Program outline

Term 1

Fall Term
CHEM 111 - Principles of Chemistry I
COSC 111 - Computer Programming I
ENGR 101 - Engineering Design I
MATH 112 - Calculus I
PHYS 111 - Calculus-Based Physics I
ENGL 100 - University Writing

Term 2

Winter Term
CHEM 121 - Principles of Chemistry II
ENGR 111 - Engineering Design II
MATH 122 - Calculus II
MATH 221 - Linear Algebra I
PHYS 121 - Calculus-Based Physics II
PHYS 202 - Engineering Mechanics I
CMNS 133 - Technical Writing and Communications I

Graduation from the Common First Year Engineering Certificate requires the completion of the 39 required credits within a 12 month period, with a minimum 70% GGA.

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