Tuition and fees

Paying for college

We know post secondary education is an investment. We are here to help you navigate the financial part of your learning, from advising you on best practices, helping you with a loan or applying for awards we have available. 

When are my fees due?

In general, full fees are due three weeks before classes begin. 

For programs with courses that start at the beginning of a semester, your account must be paid in full by the fee payment deadline. If you add or change courses after the fee payment deadline resulting in additional charges to your account, you are required to pay all fees at the time of registration.

Semester​ Fee payment deadline
Winter 2021  Tuesday, Dec. 15, 2020
Summer Sessions I and II 2021  Tuesday, Apr. 20, 2021 
Fall 2021 Tuesday, Aug. 17, 2021
Winter 2022 Tuesday, Dec. 14, 2021
Summer Sessions I and II 2022 Tuesday, Apr. 19, 2022

Please note that dates are subject to change.

For programs that do not start at the beginning of the Fall or Winter semester, fees are due no later than three weeks before classes begin. For trades and vocational programs that are 13 weeks or shorter in length, fees are due upon admission to the program.

2020-2021 tuition fees

The tuition and fee amounts listed are for domestic students only.

International students should refer to the International estimated cost page and use the Cost calculator to estimate the total cost of their program. Please contact the Okanagan College International Education office if you require more information.

Frequently asked questions

The easiest way to pay is by online banking (bill payments) 

Login to your banking system, create Okanagan College as a payee, use your student ID number as your account number, and make a payment. View this video to find out more about online banking payments.

Mail (cheque, money order)

Mail your tuition payment (no cash please) with your name and student ID number to:
Okanagan College
Registrar’s Office
1000 KLO Road
Kelowna, BC   V1Y 4X8

International Students may pay by Flywire:

Okanagan College has partnered with Flywire to streamline the international payment process. It will allow you to pay securely from any country and any bank, typically in your home currency. Find out more here.

International students can pay their application fee with Flywire here.

Students who do not pay their fees on time may be removed from their courses and taken off waitlists. Those seats will be made available to other students.

Yes, if you do so before the end of the add/drop period and space still remains in the classes you want to take. You must register in person and pay your full fees at the time your register.

Re-registration into a Distance Education course after the last day to register needs to be approved by the tutor. Please contact Distance Education at:

Historically, some students have paid their deposits to Okanagan College, registered in courses, decided not to attend, and have not notified us of their change in plans. When the date to pay fees occurred after the last day to register, seats held by these non-attendees were never available to other students. In order to give all students the best chance to get the classes they need, we need to remove students who won’t be attending, so fees are now due before classes begin.

If you have an approved student loan, Okanagan College will be contacted by the applicable province to confirm your enrolment. If you are registered in the appropriate program and course load, and your enrolment has been confirmed, a hold will be placed on your account. You will receive an email advising you that a hold has been placed on your account.

Generally, we confirm B.C. student loans 26 days before the start of classes. Once the hold is on your account, you will not be dropped from your courses.

To check the status of your account, login to your myOkanagan account, click on the Student tab, and choose Student Records from the Online Services channel. Once there, choose View Holds. If we have confirmed your enrolment for student loan purposes, you will see a hold stating “Student Loan Approved” along with the approved dates.
It is your responsibility to pay your fees in full within five (5) business days of receiving your student loan funds. Students who do not pay their fees on time will be removed from their courses and taken off waitlists.

If you do not have a hold on your account, you must pay your fees by the fee payment deadline.

You must ensure that Okanagan College receives your sponsorship funding letter at least two days before the payment deadline. If we have your sponsorship letter on file, you will not be dropped from classes and we will invoice your sponsor directly.

Yes. There are a few programs that are not semester-based, are longer than 40 weeks, and allow for payment by instalments. These programs are: Administrative Assistant, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, Automotive Service Technology Diploma, Certified Dental Assistant, Collision Repair and Refinishing Diploma, Collision Repair/Refinishing Prep Technician, and Pastry Arts. If you are in one of these programs you may pay in two instalments. For international students ONLY, the Culinary Arts program may be paid in two instalments: 1/2 tuition plus student fees will be due prior to the start of classes.

The deadline to pay the first instalment is three weeks prior to the start of the program. The amount of the first instalment must be at least one-half of the tuition fees assessed plus all assessed ancillary fees.

The second instalment is the entire outstanding balance for the program. The payment deadline for the second instalment is noon of the end of the 5th month of the program or as advised.

Program start date      Second Instalment due by 
September     January 31 
October     February 28 
January      May 31 
February      June 30 

Continuing Studies Certificates:

The following Continuing Studies Certificates may be paid in two instalments: Audio Engineering and Music Production,  Education Assistant, Esthetics and Nail Technology Certificate, Medical Device Reprocessing Technician, Nursing Unit Assistant, Gastroenterology Nursing, Perianesthesia Nursing, Occupational Health and Safety, Project Management, Advanced GIS Certificate, and Winery Assistant.

The deadline to pay the first instalment is three weeks prior to the first day of class. The amount of the first instalment must be at least one-half of the tuition fees assessed plus all assessed ancillary fees. The final payment is due at the halfway mark of the program.

Practical Nursing Diploma Fee Payment 
Fall Intake:

Semester 1 & 2:  runs late August to end of February

  • Payment #1:  ½ tuition plus ancillary fees due 3 weeks prior to start of program
  • Payment #2:  Balance due December 15

    Semesters 3 & 4:  runs March to December

  • Payment #1:  ½ tuition plus ancillary fees due February
  • Payment #2:  Balance due August 15

Winter Intake:

Semester 1 & 2:  runs January to July

  • Payment #1:  ½ tuition plus ancillary fees due 3 weeks prior to start of program
  • Payment #2:  Balance due April 30

    Semesters 3 & 4:  runs late August to April

  • Payment #1:  ½ tuition plus ancillary fees due August
  • Payment #2:  Balance due January 30

For information on opting out of/getting a waiver for your Student Health and Dental insurance coverage, please visit your student union or student association website. Students attending the Vernon campus should go to the Vernon Students' Association Okanagan College (VSAOC) website. All other students should visit the Okanagan College Students Union (OCSU) website.

If you apply to the VSAOC for a waiver or the OCSU to opt out, and if they approve your request, they will notify us and the charges will be removed from your account.

If you are in the process of applying to opt out of Health and Dental coverage and you have paid all your fees except for the Health and Dental amount, you will not be dropped from your courses before the opt out deadline has passed. 

Refunds will not be issued for amounts less than $10.

Credit or refunds are issued to the student regardless of the payee. 

You are entitled to a full credit less the non-refundable, non-transferable deposit(s), up to and including the last day of course registration. If you are registered for the next term, this credit will be applied to the following term. You will not receive a refund. Students who are in their last term of study will receive a refund. Students who withdraw after the last day of course registration will receive no tuition credit or refund.

More information on refunds can be found in the calendar.

Other questions?

If you have questions that we haven’t answered here, please email us at

International payments

To find out more about Tuition Fees for International Students, also view the Program Tuition Fees Document or the International Estimated Costs page.

There are several payment options available to International students:

  • For payments from banks outside Canada, use Flywire
  • For payments from within Canada, use online banking, credit card through Bambora (accessed through myOkanagan), wire transfer, or money order/cheque via mail.

As the Registration Office is not physically open, there are no options for in-person payments at this time.

Sponsorship, RESPs and funding agencies


If you are sponsored to come to school, by an employer, Band, or government agency for example (the sponsorship must be from a third party – it cannot be a relative), your sponsor must provide a letter to Okanagan College. Okanagan College will use this letter to bill your sponsor.

The sponsor letter should contain the following:

  • Full legal name as you are registered at Okanagan College. If you are registered under a different name this will make it difficult for us to determine who the sponsorship is for.
  • Your student number.
  • What type of charges the sponsor is willing to pay on your behalf providing as much detail as possible. These charges could include the non-refundable tuition deposit, tuition fees, mandatory fees, student association fees, books, supplies, material fees or any other billing items.
  • The maximum allowable amount the sponsor is willing to pay per term (if there is a maximum).

The sponsor should also send a copy of the letter to you, so you have a copy on file if you need to show it to the Registrar’s office or Bookstore.

Note: Information will not be released to your sponsor without an information release form signed by you.

All sponsorship letters and documentation can be faxed or mailed to (regardless of the campus you will be attending):

Okanagan College
1000 KLO Road
Kelowna, BC V1Y 4X8
Fax: 250-862-5479

All sponsorship letters should be submitted to Finance prior to the fee payment deadline. Your sponsor will then be billed at a later date


If you have a Registered Education Savings Plan and wish to access it to pay for your education at Okanagan College, please contact the financial institution that holds your RESPs and inquire what documentation they require from us such as Proof of Enrolment.

Requests for Proof of Enrolment letters signed by the Registrar and all forms that require Okanagan College's input should be submitted to (please allow 7-10 business days for completion):

Okanagan College
1000 KLO Road
Kelowna, BC V1Y 4X8
Fax: 250-862-5466

or via email:

Please include the following in all requests: your name, student number, phone number and the program you are or will be attending as well as instructions what we should do with the completed letter and/or forms (fax or mail to the bank/institution, fax or mail to you or hold for pick up at one of our campuses - please specify which one if applicable).

  Institution  What you will need incl. forms
  Heritage Education Funds
Toll free: 1-800-739-2101

Official Transcript and Heritage Verification of Enrolment Form Download Centre

  USC Education Savings Plans
Toll free: 1-800-363-7377
USC Verification of Enrolment Form
  Canadian Scholarship Trust Plan 
Toll free: 1-877-333-7377

CST Verification of Enrolment Form:
Log in to download

  Bank of Montreal
Toll free: 1-800-665-7700
Proof of Enrolment letter
  TD Canada Trust
Toll free: 1-866-222-3456
Proof of Enrolment letter 
Toll free: 1-800-465-3863 
Proof of Enrolment letter 
  National Bank
Toll free: 1-888-483-5628 
Proof of Enrolment letter 
  Royal Bank 
Toll free: 1-800-769-2511 
Proof of Enrolment letter 
Toll free: 1-800-472-6842 
Proof of Enrolment letter 

Funding agencies

If you are dealing with outside agencies please note that these agencies are not sponsors as such and you will be required to complete their application form.

Information that is required to complete the forms can be found on our website (see detailed information on your program in the online Calendar and find fees and costs in the Tuition Fees (PDF).