Academic Planning for International Student Graduation

Tue, Feb 23 2021, 12 - 1pm
Location Description:
For international students

Are you approaching graduation? Make sure you have enough credits and the right courses in order to successfully apply for graduation. In this virtual workshop, International Education student advisors Heather and Paul will walk you through how to plan the right courses.

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Transitioning to the Next Step: professional life in Canada

OC’s International and Student, Graduate and Co-op Employment departments are hosting a series of virtual workshops designed for International students close to graduation to help them successfully transition from school to the workplace. 

Virtual workshop schedule

Note: this event is for International students only. For graduate and employment support, domestic students are encouraged to contact OC's Student, Graduate and Co-op Employment Department.

Student sitting at a table with books with "Academic Planning for Graduation" text overlain on top.