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Carpentry student uses drill on ductwork during applied learning.

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Okanagan College's Trades and Apprenticeship team is working hard to ensure current and future students have the opportunity to learn and train in their chosen field during COVID-19, while protecting the safety of our students, instructors and learning community. We recognize scheduling and learning has been significantly impacted as a result of Provincial Health Office guidelines on physical distancing, and we appreciate your patience as we navigate this new landscape together.


Okanagan College is following the direction and controls specified by the BC Centre for Disease Control, the Ministry of Health, the Provincial Health Officer and Interior Health,  WorkSafeBC, The Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training, and the Go-Forward Guidelines for Post-Secondary developed by the province. 

For more information, please visit 

Yes, classes are running with a 16 student capacity.

Online and on-campus learning for winter 2022

Yes, majority of classes starting in September will be in person on campus. Some Carpenter, Electrical, Plumber and Refrigeration apprenticeship classes may have online components, for example, one day per week.  You will receive more information regarding the schedule of your class prior to the start of class.

Please visit OC Online Resources for information on technical assistance, loaner laptops and support for Moodle and Collaborate.  The Trades Success Centre is open at the Kelowna campus. If you would like to book a virtual or in-person appointment with Trade Success Centre Coordinator, Elke Prtichard,  for assistance with your program, please contact or call 250 762 5445 ext. 4677 or you may also contact Trades Student Success Centre .

Okanagan College campuses offer a variety of food and beverage opportunities, some owned and run by the college and other third party companies who cater to our students, faculty and staff.

Review Food Services for restaurants and menus.

On-campus housing may be available at the Kelowna campus – apply early, particularly for programs starting the first week of September.  Application opens November 1 for the following September and February 1 for the following January.  Short-term housing is most available in Summer Term (May-August). Visit to apply.  

Important note: Apprentices with notification of an assigned seat who wish to apply to housing may call the student housing office at 250 - 862 - 5422.

Local  rental opportunities for students are also posted here:

If you require any equipment or have any questions about software, please refer to the OC Online Resource Centre For technical support, please refer to IT Services.

 Please ensure that you park in the designated Student Parking areas. For information about fees, carpooling network or public transit, please visit Parking, Transit and Carpooling.

Admission Requirements

Applicants who have not satisfied the Math admission requirement within the last seven years, and/or do not meet the English admission requirement for a foundation program, must write the Math and/or English Trades Entrance Assessment (TEA). This TEA will replace the former ABLE Test.

Both of the assessments are online, multiple-choice and timed. Applicants are allotted 1 hour to complete each section (2 hours for both). A practice assessment and study resources are offered to all students who register to write the TEA.  Calculators are not allowed while completing the Math section; applicants who are observed to use a calculator of any sort, will receive a grade of zero.  Applicants who do not achieve the minimum passing requirement on their initial attempt, are offered a second attempt, at no additional cost, after a two-week study period.

For more information or to register for a TEA, please click here. 


Courses that start on or after September 1, 2021 will be required to write an SLE, subject to safety guidelines at that time. This will include Foundation programs that currently have an SLE.

For progressive CofQ exams, a number of these programs are still currently under review and these exams will remain temporarily waived until our industry consultations are completed. However, should a student wish to write the exam, they can request to write at one of our monthly sessions or Service BC locations by emailing

Any final level certification exams (CofQ and IPs) that are required to complete out an apprenticeship will still be required (and hosted at Okanagan College, subject to safety guidelines).

Yes, you will be required to write an exam and exams will be held on campus at Okanagan College. The College will adhere to safety protocols and social distancing requirements as set out by the ITA and the Public Health Officer.

Any apprentice enrolled in an intake that writes a progressive CofQ exam will not be required to write a CofQ exam that is required to progress to the next level until further notice. The CofQ exams being waived include AST L1, AST L2, AST L3, PC L1 and PC L2. Any final certification exams (CofQ and IP) that are required to complete an apprenticeship will still be required.

Any final level certification exams (CofQ and IPs) that are required to complete out an apprenticeship will still be required.

Yes, apprentices will still be required to write the Interprovincial exam (IP).  For more information, please visit

No. Before the ITA is able to update an apprentice’s file they must choose if they would like to obtain certification at their current level, or bypass certification and progress to the next level of training. Affected apprentices will be required to speak with their local Apprenticeship Advisor to discuss their options and notify ITA of their decision. If the apprentice wishes to bypass certification they may progress to the next level of training without completing their exam(s). If they wish to obtain certification at their current level.

If your class writes an ITA exam at the end of the intake, you need to ensure the following otherwise you risk not getting an exam.

You must be currently registered as an apprentice with the ITA

You have one form of a VALID & CURRENT Government issued photo ID such as:

  • a Provincial Driver’s License,
  • Provincial Identification Card
  • Passport, BC Services Card
  • Combination Driver’s License and BC Services Card
  • Canadian Permanent Residency Card
  • Canadian Certificate of Indian Status
  • Nexus Card

Renewing your driver's license or ID card? Remember that you may be requested to surrender your driver’s license when you go to renew it – the paper temporary license will not be acceptable ID for ITA exams.  

If you run into an issue with your government ID, your OC student ID may be of assistance in an emergency. ID’s can be submitted electronically, and students will be notified for pick up from the library.

Okanagan College can only reschedule your ITA exam if you are currently in class and unable to write your class exam. If your intake has finished and you were unable to write or unsuccessful you will need to contact the ITA at 1-866-660-6011 to schedule your exam.

If you are unsuccessful in your course, you will be contacted by phone to see if you want to reschedule. You will also be removed from any future intakes and/or waitlists to which you were assigned. If you were set to attend your next level of technical training right after your unsuccessful class you are now inadmissible to the course.  Due to this situation occurring, back to back training will no longer approved.

Foundation intakes

In order to be admitted to a Foundation or Pre-Apprenticeship program, you must meet a Math and English requirement. Please refer to each program webpage for admission requirements.

For information on submitting transcripts please click…

If you are unable to meet the admission requirements for your program or it has been more than seven years since you have completed the required math, you would be required to write the Trades Entrance Assessment (TEA) Math and/or English test.  Please note the that TEA has replaced the former ABLE exam. For more information about the TEA, please click here.  


You will be notified by the Admissions office via email once your application has been received. After your application has been processed (can take 5-10 business days), your application status can be checked through your MyOkanagan account.

To access your MyOkanagan account:

Login to MyOkanagan at Your username is your student number and your password is your birthdate (mmddyyyy).

Application status can be checked under Applicant>View My Applications

Any further communication regarding your application will be done via email. Please check your MyOkanagan account to ensure your most current email address is on file. 

If you have any problems accessing your MyOkanagan account, please call IT Services at 

1-866-839-4032 or complete an online MyOkanagan Password Reset Request.

Waitlists for Foundation programs are controlled through the Admissions office which can be contacted at 250-762-5445 ext. 5417 or Seats in Foundation programs are offered by date of application.  Once all seats are confirmed by the payment of deposits, the remaining applicants are waitlisted.

Generally accepting a seat in one program/intake results in the automatic cancellation of all other applications. If you accept a seat in a future intake, but are available on short notice for a close date, please let Admissions know.

Seats are reserved in some intakes for Dual Credit program students. A Dual Credit student means that your school district has agreed to partially sponsor your program.  Please make sure that admissions is aware of your dual credit status, upon applying.  Dual Credit students are responsible for paying their first deposit to confirm a seat in the program.  This deposit can be used towards your portion of material or ancillary fees.

You are still able to submit an application to waitlisted intakes.  Please be prepared for the possibility of receiving a seat offer quite quickly, if a seat becomes available.  A $400 deposit will be required upon receipt of an offer, with full tuition due by 3 weeks prior to program start date. Please check your  emails regularly for updates on your application or log-in to your myOkanagan account to review your application status. 

We would also recommend applying to the next open intake.

Your offer can be accepted through your MyOkanagan account. You will be contacted by email when an offer is sent out. It will also appear in your MyOkanagan account.

To access your MyOkanagan account:

Login to MyOkanagan at Your username is your student number and your password is your birthdate (mmddyyyy).

Please ensure, once you have accepted your offer, that you pay your non-refundable deposit by the deadline. 

If you have any problems accessing your MyOkanagan account, please call IT Services at 

1-866-839-4032 or complete an online MyOkanagan Password Reset Request.

Two deposits are required - $200 within 21 days of receiving a seat offer from the Admissions office and another $200 due 90 days prior to program start date.  These two deposits are deducted from your total tuition fees.  Please note: All $400 will be due if you receive an offer within 90 days of program start.

The remaining tuition for your program is due 3 weeks before the start of your class. Tuition can be paid with a debit card, cheque, or money order, through online banking, or PayMyTuition. If you use online banking, please set Okanagan College as a payee and your account number as your student number. More information on tuition and payment can be found at… 

If you have a sponsor or a student loan application, please let registration staff know by emailing a copy of your funding agreement to  prior to the fee payment deadline date.

What happens if I am unable to attend my intake and need to withdraw?

For information on withdrawing from your Foundation program please see the Tuition Refund Policy. 

 The "Your Future After Foundation" presentation is a resource guide designed for graduates to help them with their next steps after completing foundation training. Presentation includes topics such as how to register as an apprentice with the ITA, grants and tax credits, registering for the next level of technical training and employment tips. 

Note: Presentation is available to Okanagan College students with a student ID number and Moodle account.
 This presentation should be viewed on a laptop or tablet (not a cell phone) for best quality and experience. 
Start Your Future After Foundation

Apprenticeship intakes

It’s a good idea to plan ahead for your training as some of our apprenticeship intakes may only be offered once per year or every second year. To apply to an apprenticeship program, you must have an ITA# and be an Active Apprentice (submitted hours in previous 18 months). You are able to apply for your next level of training once you have paid for your seat in your current level. 

  1. Review the Training Schedule under your trade’s apprenticeship web page.
  2. We recommend you apply 6 months to a year ahead of the class start date.
  3. Applications can be filed online, in person at the Trades & Apprenticeship office in Kelowna or over the phone by calling the Trades office at 1 800 621 3038.  
  4. NEWAs of January 1, 2022, a $200 seat deposit will be required within 30 days of an emailed notification of an available seat.  
    1. This applies to programs with start dates after May 1, 2022.
    2. No deposit is required to be waitlisted for a seat.
    3. The seat deposit is not refundable, but may be transferred to an earlier intake, should a seat become available.
  5. A seat offer/ request for payment will be sent to you by email 120 days prior to program start.  Your remaining tuition will be due then, with a deadline to pay by 60 days prior to program start.
  6. If you are waitlisted originally and a seat becomes available more than 120 days prior to program start, you will be asked for a $200 seat deposit. 
  7. If you apply or a seat becomes available less than 120 days prior to program start, you will be asked to pay the full tuition amount.
  8. Failing to pay seat deposits or tuition by deadlines will result in being removed from the class.
  9. Seat deposits and tuition can be paid online by credit card or online banking or in person at Trades Office on Kelowna campus, Administrative offices on Penticton, Vernon, Salmon Arm campuses.
    Please note: Credit cards are no longer accepted in-person at any campus.
  10. Amounts owing can be viewed on your myOkanagan. Please check your email account for instructions on how to log-in to your myOkanagan account for the first time. 

You must be a registered apprentice with the ITA. Please refer to the recommended secondary school pre-requisites and hours for your trade at

Scheduling back-to-back training is not recommended for learning and can cause refund and waitlist issues if a student does not pass a level of trainingAs of April 1, 2021, back-to-back training will not be approved without special permission from the Dean or Associate Dean of Trades, usually requiring sufficient hours for both levels and extenuating circumstances.

Students are not automatically enrolled in their next level of training. Students may apply for the next level immediately following their current level of training.  For example: a Level 1 student may apply to or be waitlisted for a Level 2 class. They can not apply in advance for a Level 3 or 4 program until they have been enrolled in a Level 2 class.  

Your ITA (Industry Training Authority) Number found by contacting the ITA at 1-866-660-6011 if you are a previously registered apprentice. If you are not currently a registered apprentice, your employer would need to complete an Apprentice and Sponsor Registration form which can be found online at

Once your application has been processed a Notification Letter and/or Waitlist Letter will be emailed to you through the email address you listed on your application.  Please note neither your email nor your home address will automatically update across our systems and ensure you provide the Trades Office with any updated information, including cell phone numbers in case of seat opportunities at short notice.

Due to Covid-19, the Training Schedule and seat availability is changing more rapidly than usual – please refer to the online Training Schedule frequently and watch your phone and email if you are waiting for a seat.  The Training Schedule is updated weekly; therefore, seat open/waitlisted information may not be fully accurate on a given day.  

You will be automatically waitlisted for available intakes in your Level at the time of application.  You can later request to be added to any available waitlists for any newly added intakes but it will not be automatic. There is no fee. If a seat opens in a class for which you are waitlisted, you will be contacted by phone and email. A deadline of 24-48 hours will be provided to you. If you do not respond by the specified deadline you will be removed from that waitlist. If an earlier seat is offered to you after the tuition deadline for that class has passed (at 60 days before program start) you will be required to pay the tuition immediately.

Until further notice, refunds or transfer of tuition can be requested up to 30 days before program start.  No refunds are available after that date.

Upon request, tuition and fees may be transferred to available seats in upcoming intakes within the year, while being subject to annual tuition fee increases, if applicable (updated in August of each year).

For more information on withdrawing from an intake please see our refund policy online at  Please note that you are unable to withdraw from your intake if you have completed more than 50% of the intake as per the Registrar’s Office, unless, you are withdrawing for Medical or Compassionate reasons.

While attending an apprenticeship program, you may be eligible for Employment Insurance (EI). For information on the EI application process, please visit

Work-based hours need to be reported and signed off by your employer to the ITA. A work-based hours form can be found online at

Okanagan College is unable to provide you with your 16 digit reference code. In order to receive your reference code please complete Step 1 of the EI application process which can be found online at

No, high school transcripts are not required to apply for an apprenticeship program. 

If you are applying to an entry-level foundation program, your transcript may be required. For information on submitting transcripts please click here (…)

Your T2202 form can be found through your MyOkanagan account on the last day of February.

To access your T2202:

Login to MyOkanagan at (hyperlink). Your username is your student number and your password is your birthdate (mmddyyyy). If you have any problems accessing your MyOkanagan account, please call IT Services at 1-866-839-4032 or complete an online MyOkanagan Password Reset Request.

Click the “T2202 Tax Form” link under Online Services

The "Apprenticeship Path" presentation includes information specific for apprenticeship students who only attend training for approximately 5 – 16 weeks. Topics include how to access ITA Transcripts and log in information, apprentice FAQ, how to apply for E.I. and apprenticeship supports and instructions on how to register for their next level of training.

Note: Presentation is available to Okanagan College students with a student ID number and Moodle account.
This presentation should be viewed on a laptop or tablet (not a cell phone) for best quality and experience. 

Start Apprenticeship Path

Payments, Services and Financial Assistance

If Okanagan College extends the study period in response to an interruption, students are encouraged to contact the Okanagan College Financial Aid & Awards office, Financial Aid & Awards staff can assist students wanting to request a reassessment from Student Aid BC to receive additional funding with the process.

Payment can be made online only — please see the Foundation and Apprenticeship FAQ section for additional details.

The bookstores on campus are open. You are also able to order the required textbooks online via and have them shipped to you ($15 fee) or picked up for the Kelowna, Vernon, or Penticton campus. To expedite the pickup process, please order your textbooks online ahead of time. 

Tool room attendants will confirm with each student if they are purchasing a toolbox from Okanagan College. For those students who are purchasing a toolbox, the appropriate charges will be applied to your account. Payment can then be made online with a credit card or through online banking. Online banking is completed through your bank’s personal website. Okanagan College will need to be added as a Payee and your student number is the account number used.

Okanagan College Culinary and Pastry Arts students can help you with the OC Serves Up program!

Every day the OC Culinary and Pastry Arts students create 50 delicious and nutritious meals to hone their skills. The dishes are then given out to other OC students who have applied to the OC Serves Up program, completely free of charge!

Students can apply for the program by filling out the online form each day they wish to request a meal. The form must be submitted by 10:30am on the day of, and only one meal can be requested at a time. Students can pick up their lunch from inside the cafeteria on the KLO campus. Please note that some meals may need to be heated prior to consuming.

The program runs Monday through Friday and the meals can be picked up between 11:00am and 1:00pm on those days.

Submit an OC Serves Up form

International students

International students should contact the International Education Office to discuss potential visa and other implications.   Phone: 1-250-862-5443; Phone Toll Free: 1-877-755-2266

General questions

As of September 7, the Trades and Apprenticeship office is open for in-person service. We can be contacted between 7:30 am and 4:00 pm by phone at 1-800-621-3038 or email

On September 7, campuses will be open to the public. For more updates about Okanagan College's COVID-19 protocols, please visit 

Please email the documentation to, fax to 250-862-5457 or drop it off in person.  If the Trades & Apprenticeship office is closed, you may drop it in the mailbox located outside of the office.

For regular updates, please subscribe to our email distribution list at

For more information please contact the Trades and Apprenticeship office at 1-800-621-3038 or

Trades Entrance Assessment (TEA)

Applicants who have not satisfied the Math admission requirement within the last seven years, and/or do not meet the English admission requirement for a foundation program, must write the TEA Math and/or English test. Both of the assessments are online, multiple-choice and timed. Applicants are allotted 1 hour to complete each section (2 hours for both). A practice assessment and study resources are offered to all students who register to write the TEA.  Calculators are not allowed while completing the Math section; applicants who are observed to use a calculator of any sort, will receive a grade of zero.  Applicants who do not achieve the minimum passing requirement on their initial attempt, are offered a second attempt, at no additional cost, after a two-week study period.

Please ensure you write the assessment, and any required re-writes, prior to the deadline for admissions requirements, provided by the Registrar’s office.  Further questions can be directed to the Trades and Apprenticeship office at

Applicants with a documented, diagnosed disability may be eligible for accommodations. Before writing the TEA, please contact Accessibility Services at

You must apply for a Trades Foundation Program and receive a response from Admissions before you can register for this assessment. 

Register for a TEA   Reference Guide

Please note: Applicants who successfully completed the ABLE test at Okanagan College, within the two years prior to application for admission shall have their results accepted as equivalent to the Trades Entrance Assessment.