Education Assistant Certificate

Campus Vernon (Sep), Penticton (Jan, Sep), Revelstoke (Jan), Salmon Arm (Jan), Kelowna (Jan, Sep)
Delivery Part-Time, Full-Time
Credential Certificate

Vernon delivery style: 

Blended, face to face with some online

Penticton delivery style:

Blended, face to face with some online

Kelowna delivery style:

FT Winter 2024 - online hybrid
FT Fall 2023 - online
PT Fall 2023 - in class

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Education assistant working with a student

Program Highlights

Looking to be part of an educational team? This certificate prepares participants to come alongside teachers in the classroom to help reach educational goals and encourage child development. Participants will take classes on school organization, working with and understanding children, issues that arise in education as well as a practicum.

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Tuition and Fees

2022-23: $4,343
plus applicable textbooks and/or materials

Program Details

This 447-hour Education Assistant Program prepares learners to work as Education Assistants in schools as part of an educational team. Education Assistants work under the instructional supervision of classroom teachers and School District administrators while supporting the learning and independence of children who benefit from additional assistance in meeting their educational goals.

Learners are introduced to the organizational structure of schools and the role of Education Assistants in the classroom. Specific topics include general educational principles with particular attention to individualized instruction, cooperative learning and the importance of creating a positive learning environment. Learners develop and practice the skills necessary to implement modifications and adaptations of curriculum.

Already have experience in this area? This program qualifies for our Recognition of Prior Learning review. If some of your previous experience could apply to this program, please click here for more information.

The following textbooks are available from the campus bookstore 3-4 weeks before class:

  • The Role of the Education Assistant by Mary Harber
  • What Really Works for Special Education Students by Wendy Murawski

Note: used texts are sometimes available through the bookstore

Additional books not sold at the campus bookstore:

  • Behavior Support Strategies for Education Paraprofessionals: The Function of Behaviour by Will Henson

Textbooks approx. $150
Plus course materials: $150

Prices are subject to change

•    Students must be prepared to go to the school that they are placed at (for their practicum) by the College.  Some considerations are given and will be discussed after the start of the program
•    If you live outside the Okanagan, please contact the Program Coordinator to discuss the possibility of doing your practicum in your own District.

  • School District #5, #10, #19, #16, #22, #23, #51, #53, #67, #73, #83, #93 
  • Most school districts in BC and beyond (check with your district first)
  • Private schools
  • Students who have not graduated from high school will not be able to gain employment at School District #23 and many other Districts in BC.

Fall 2022

  • Full Time online hybrid, Monday - Friday
  • Part Time in class, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Winter 2023

  • Full time, online hybrid, Monday - Friday

Revelstoke – Winter 2022

  • In class Tuesday/Thursday evenings and some Saturdays

Vernon – Fall 2022

  • Part-time, two evenings per week in class and most Saturdays, frequently online

Winter 2023

  • Full time, blended, Monday – Friday and some Saturdays

Fall 2023

  • Full time, Monday – Friday

Salmon Arm - Winter 2022

  • Part-time, in class, Tuesday/Thursday evenings and some Saturdays

Distance - September 2022

  • Blend of synchronous and asynchronous, 2 evenings per week and most Saturdays

Regional delivery of studies can differ according to the campus location.

For details on what is offered: 


Admission Requirements

  • BC secondary school graduation or equivalent, or 19 years of age and out of secondary school for at least one year as of the first day of classes.

  • A criminal record check clearance from the B.C. Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General's Criminal Records Review Office. Okanagan College's admission offices will provide applicants with instructions and forms for applicants to submit to the Solicitor General's Office and a deadline for the College to receive the clearance letter. Applicants should only initiate their criminal record check when instructed by Admissions. Failure to provide a clearance letter by the deadline will result in a cancellation of the applicant's admission application. 


Program Outline

EA 111 School Organization
EA 112 Education and Child Development
EA 113 Workshop
EA 114 Translating and Supporting Behaviour
EA 115 Implementing and Integrating Curriculum
EA 116 Technology in Education
EA 121 Issues in Education
EA 122 Supporting Educational Domains
EA 124 Practicum

Students must pass each course with a minimum grade of 60% to receive a certificate.



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