Paralegal Diploma

The Paralegal Diploma program at Okanagan College provides in-depth, substantive training for students interested in starting a career as a paralegal. Learn the skills and knowledge required to assist in many areas of law, such as litigation, corporate law and real estate. 

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  • Kelowna
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Tuition and fees

2023-24: $12,024.90

Program details

This Paralegal Diploma provides in-depth substantive paralegal training. In year 1, students will learn the skills required to assist in the many litigation, corporate, and conveyancing areas of law. Year 2 will provide students with extensive knowledge in the areas of Tort Law, Contract Law, Law of Evidence, Administrative Law, Intellectual Property Law, etc. Between Years 1 and 2 students have an opportunity to work as assistants to gather more work experience before they delve into the 2nd-year paralegal courses. Students will complete a 12-week practicum at the end of the 2nd year to solidify the skills and concepts learned in the program.

Campus Start date Schedule
Kelowna Sep. 04, 2024

Admission requirements

  • B.C. Secondary school graduation, or equivalent, or 19 years of age and out of secondary school for at least one year as of the first day of classes.
  • A minimum score of 50% in English 11 or alternatives; or a minimum score of 70% on an Okanagan College Office Administration English entrance test.
  • A minimum keyboarding speed of 35 net words per minute is recommended.

Program outline

Year 1

Semester 1

Complete All of the following:
LSEC 117 - Introduction to Litigation
LSEC 112 - Family Law
LSEC 120 - Personal Injury
LSEC 101 - Advanced Litigation
LSEC 116 - Litigation Legal Office Procedures
LSEC 130 - Litigation Law Office Practicum

Semester 2

Complete All of the following:
LSEC 140 - Introduction to Conveyancing
LSEC 141 - Advanced Conveyancing
LSEC 145 - Solicitor Legal Office Procedures
LSEC 152 - Corporate Law
LSEC 160 - Wills and Estates
LSEC 131 - Law Office Practicum

Year 2

Semester 1

Complete All of the following:
LSEC 211 - Introduction to Law in Canada
LSEC 212 - Legal Research & Writing
LSEC 213 - The Law of Torts
LSEC 214 - Contract Law
LSEC 215 - The Law of Evidence

Semester 2

Complete All of the following:
LSEC 216 - Administrative Law
LSEC 217 - Company Law and Business Organizations
LSEC 218 - Interviewing Clients and Witnesses
LSEC 219 - Intellectual Property Law in Canada
LSEC 220 - Family Law for Paralegals
LSEC 221 - Wills, Estates & Probate Administration
LSEC 222 - Information Technology in a Legal Setting
LSEC 223 - Paralegal Practicum

Students must obtain a minimum grade of 70% in each of the graded courses in the program to graduate as well as successfully complete the three practicum placements with a Pass.

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