Applied Research at Okanagan College

Applied Research at Okanagan College

A Message from the Vice President, Education, Dr. Andrew Hay

Okanagan College’s applied research agenda is driven by employees who are interested in participating in and contributing to solving problems and acquiring solutions for business, industry and community partners. Applied research provides students with enhanced real-world, hands-on learning experiences and it deepens the learning and teaching experiences that employees extend to students. 

The Office of the Vice President, Education, in collaboration with internal and external colleagues is committed to nurturing meaningful partnerships that facilitate applied research initiatives, partnerships and collaborations. 

Our applied research projects are aligned with our strengths, quality assurance processes and research ethics principles. Okanagan College will continue to develop and resource the necessary infrastructure to support applied research that contributes to knowledge transfer while supporting the economic and social prosperity of our communities.  

If you have a research idea or question you would like researched, please feel free to contact our team to begin the conversation.

Dr. Andrew Hay, P.Eng.

VP Eductation