NAME:  Thunder Mitchell, AME-M Student

Thunder is gearing up for a career in aviation possibly with the Canadian Armed Forces

"I love the hands-on aspect of the program.  It's the  best way to learn.  We pull engines apart and put them back together.  It's a really cool feeling.  The instructors are great, and we get to work on some pretty incredible aircraft.  I've only been doing this for a short time, but I can certainly see myself doing this as a career for Life."

Thunder Mitchell is completing his first yer in the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering M-License program. An Aboriginal student of Okanagan, Splatsin, Blackfoot, and Cree heritage, he is gearing up for a career in aviation, possibly with the Canadian Armed Forces. 

NAME: Chrystal 2008 AME-M Graduate

New Title:  Head of Parts Sales, Skyline Helicopter Technologies

“I chose Okanagan College because the AME program was offered in a convenient location. I had a great experience there, lots of one on one instruction that gave me confidence and the knowledge to be successful in my new career.”

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Graduate 2008 AME-M Diploma
Since graduating from Northern Lights College’s AMT program in 2008, Chrystal Robertson has been working hard to make an indelible mark on the Canadian helicopter industry – and she’s definitely succeeding.

The 39-year-old Robertson began her career at Bailey Helicopters in Fort St. John as an apprentice before moving to Ontario in 2010 where she joined the maintenance team at Skyline Helicopter Technologies in Lively, Ont.

An expansion in the sales department at the firm created an opportunity for a full-time sales position and the opportunistic Robertson jumped at the chance. A neophyte to the sales world, she quickly turned out to be a natural. With a nice blend of hard work and dedication, Robertson quickly became a driving force, making consistent sales while forming strong business relationships with new and existing customers.

Robertson’s background in maintenance has proven to be a Godsend, as she can bring a detailed understanding of helicopters to the sales arena in a way few sales professionals can, consistently putting the right part in a customer’s hands. And she does all of this while expertly maintaining a home and a young 16-month-old son.

Robertson’s skills have helped keep Skyline going strong during slow operational periods and she has drawn significant praise from customers and operators alike. She also shows considerable leadership skills by volunteering outside of the industry in a number of realms, working on the shop floor and diligently pursuing her AME licence.

Robertson is proving to be an invaluable member of the Skyline team. 
- See more at: https://www.helicoptersmagazine.com/operator-profiles/flying-above-the-crowd-4834#sthash.F6P7blYV.dpuf 

An industry photo - Chrystal at work after graduation.
AME M License Student at work