Welding student watches closely as two metals are welded together amidst sparks

Weld Testing and Upgrading

Okanagan College is a recognized welder testing agency for the Ministry of Municipal Affairs, Boiler and Pressure Vessel Safety Branch.

Upgrading and testing procedures are for presently or recently employed welders, who wish to improve their techniques and become proficient in special processes, or wish to upgrade their existing qualifications under section nine of the code for the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and code W-47 under the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB). Testing procedures are based on the standards established by the regulatory agencies and will be carried out by the Welding department representative.

Okanagan College is one of the largest, accredited CWB Weld Testing centres in the Okanagan. 

We offer:

  • Clean, fully equipped welder testing stations with individual fume extraction system
  • Basic tools required for testing are provided
  • Upgrading, booth rentals available for practicing
  • Coupons are prepared for you in advance to save time
  • Experienced staff will help answer your questions prior to the test
  • In-house lab facility for quick results and a CWB Representative available to discuss your test results with you. 

To improve efficiency, test plate backing strips are machined in-house by qualified staff (not gouged by the welder).

Admission Requirements

Previous welding experience with a minimum Level B or Level 3 welding certification for RTA (Class A) test. Test date need to be booked with TSBC prior to booking with Okanagan College.

Welder must have a valid Class A (RTA) in order to obtain a PWP.

No "walk-ins" will be accepted and all tests must be booked in advance. 


New registration system is now live, see below links to register! Payment is due at the time of registering. Phone calls will not be accepted for booking weld tests or upgrading.

Welders must read and sign the Weld Testing and Booth Rental Policies before entering the weld shop. Completed forms can be emailed to welding@okanagan.bc.ca

Weld Testing and Booth Rental Policy

Upon completing your registration, you will be contacted by the Welding Department within 3-5 business days with the next available test date. There is no testing on Fridays.  If you have preferred testing date or need to get testing by a specific date please contact the Welding Department to ensure availability before registering. The Welding Department tries to accommodate an individual's schedule, however, no guarantees can be provided on actual dates.

If you are being sponsored for weld testing by an employer please contact the Trades Office at trades@okanagan.bc.ca .

Cancellation, Rescheduling and Refund Policy

To cancel or reschedule, one week written notice in advance of the scheduled testing date is required to qualify for a refund or rescheduled test date. Cancellation or reschedule notices can be emailed to welding@okanagan.bc.ca. Refunds will be processed in the form of a cheque and mailed to the address on file.

Test Fees

  • $1000 - ITA Challenge Test
  • $475 - CWB Test - All Positions
  • $400 - CWB Test - 3 Positions
  • $325 - CWB Test - 2 Positions
  • $250 - CWB Test - 1 Position
  • $250 - Check Test ***
  • $400 - PWP (Pressure Welding Procedures)
  • $300 - RTA Test (A Class)
  • $400 + GST - Job Test for Employers
  • $100 + GST - Upgrading - 1 Day
  • $200 + GST - Upgrading - 2 Day
  • $300 + GST - Upgrading - Weekly

* Note: fees are subject to change without notice. 

** The fee is for the test day only; additional upgrading can be booked separately. All CWB tests (maximum 4 plates) and PWP tests must be completed within 1 day.

*** If you require 2 check test please pay and register for the CWB Test - 2 Positions and let the instructor know when they call that you will be doing 2 check tests.

How to prepare

Please remember to bring your own PPE (helmet, gloves, coveralls, CSA approved safety boots, etc.). A toolbox will be provided to you. 

For booth rentals and test date, please enter the Trades compound through the East Man-Gate and meet in the Welding shop (T140) at 7:30 a.m.  A campus map can be found here

After the test

Your CWB certificate card will be available for you to pick up in the Welding Tool Room (T124) Kelowna campus in approximately 4-6 weeks. If you are not able to pick up your certification in person, please call 1-800-621-3038 ext. 4255 to make alternate arrangements. 

Contact us

Corporate group testing rates available. Contact the Welding department at welding@okanagan.bc.ca for information.

If you have any questions, please contact the Welding Department at 1-800-621-3038 ext. 4434 or email welding@okanagan.bc.ca
Please note that we do not accept bookings over the phone. 


ITA Challenge Test

CWB - All Positions (4)

CWB - 3 Positions (3)

CWB - 2 Positions (2)

CWB - 1 Position (1)

Check Test

PWP Test

RTA Test

Upgrading (Practice) - 1 Day

Upgrading (Practice) - 2 Days

Upgrading (Practice) - 1 Week

Job Test for Employer