CIS Diploma

The Computer Information Systems (CIS) diploma program, four semesters with five courses in each semester, gives you an introduction to the various areas of computing, specifically within an organization or business.

The CIS diploma is the first two years of the BCIS degree. Students wanting to enter or return to the workforce quickly can complete the CIS diploma and then return (either full-time or part-time) to complete the BCIS degree. If you have time before you rejoin the workforce, start directly in the BCIS degree.

First Year Recommended Program

Fall Semester, Year 1
CMNS 113
COSC 109, including lab
COSC 111, including lab
COSC 118, including lab
MATH 139
Winter Semester, Year 1
CMNS 123
COSC 126, including lab
COSC 121, including lab
COSC 131, including lab
COSC 221
This program offers students the chance to complete capstone projects and pursue co-op placements (work-integrated learning), to build real-world skills and network with industry employers. 

Calendar information

The Okanagan College calendar gives the admission requirements, full two-year program outline and graduation requirements for the CIS program on this page .

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