Diploma in Environmental Studies

Diploma in Environmental Studies

The Diploma in Environmental Studies (ES Diploma) offers students the opportunity to gain a comprehensive knowledge of the environment through courses from the sciences, social sciences and humanities. The interdisciplinary approach equips students with the critical and analytical skills to think through the many complex factors that influence our understanding of the environment. Students will:
  • Gain an understanding of the physical principles governing the environment.
  • Acquire knowledge about the social and cultural aspects that influence human behaviour towards the environment.
  • Learn how humans interact with and have an impact on the environment.
  • Be able to transfer their entire diploma as a block to universities.

See the calendar for more information on entry requirements Diploma in Environmental Studies.

Four Options to Choose From

Download the Environmental Studies Course Table

The course table shows all the possible course combinations you can pursue:

For students starting in Fall 2015 or later:
Diploma of Environmental Studies Course Table

For students enrolled prior to Fall 2015:

Diploma of Environmental Studies Course Table

UNBC Block Transfer

We have a special block transfer program to UNBC wherein students graduating with a CGPA of 2.5 or higher from Okanagan College's Diploma in Environmental Studies may be automatically admitted to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies at UNBC (Note: GIScience option transfer still under consideration). This 60 credit-hour program of study is available only to students from Okanagan College with a diploma in Environmental Studies. There are two options in the Diploma in Environmental Studies that directly transfer for 60 credits of the UNBC BA degree – the Environmental Management Option and the Interdisciplinary Environmental Arts Option. Learn more here: http://www.unbc.ca/calendar/undergraduate/environmental-studies 

Students in our Diploma in Environmental Studies – Environmental Science Option are also eligible for direct admission into the BSc in Natural Resources Management degree program. Students may choose one of two majors: Forest Ecology and Management (http://www.unbc.ca/forestry), or Wildlife and Fisheries (http://www.unbc.ca/wildlife-fisheries). Accreditation requirements for both majors and the number of options available to students as part of the diploma program require course by course transfer credit.

Congratulations to the first group of UNBC transfer students from Okanagan College: Shelby Longstaff, Brad Derbyshire, Dave Kassian, Lindi Anderson, and Kara Jorimann!

"UNBC is treating me awesome, the classes are really interesting and the transfer went smoothly. There are a ton of opportunities for Environmental Studies students here and I firmly believe that coming to UNBC was the best choice for us!" ~ Shelby Longstaff

Dave Kassian and Brad Derbyshire

"I had a great experience at OC, and am already having an awesome time up here in the north. Brad and I volunteered for 100 years of BC Parks day, which was this past Saturday. We helped with a interactive station, where Brad and I collected different samples from a wetland to show to the local children's naturalist club." ~Dave Kassian

"I am really enjoying it here. The school is amazing and the classes are really great." ~Lindi Anderson