Two-year Arts Diploma Programs

Two-year diploma programs provide a focused course of study. Graduates can transfer to universities in BC and elsewhere for further education, or move directly to employment opportunities in a variety of fields.

For complete and current program information, including admission requirements and course listings, see the Okanagan College Online Academic Calendar.

Diploma in Criminal and Social Justice

Acquire a solid, practical understanding of criminal and social justice issues in Canada and the world with an Arts-based criminal and social justice education. Take a variety of courses from Criminology, Sociology, Psychology, and Political Science. Fields of inquiry include indigenous studies, gender studies, race and ethnicity, globalization, and poverty.

Careers: government, policing, criminal investigation, administration, private and public investigation, and throughout the legal system.

Further Education: Graduates of the program can transfer into degree opportunities at other institutions in BC, or move directly to the workforce to help meet the growing labour demand in the criminal and social justice field.

Diploma in Environmental Studies

Pursue study options in one of three streams: interdisciplinary environmental arts, environmental management, or environmental science. Obtain an understanding of the physical principles governing the environment. Discover the socio-cultural aspects that influence human behaviour towards the environment.

Careers: environmental and resource management, environmental and social impact assessment, education, field research, ecotourism, community and arts organizations, and urban, social, and community planning.

Further Education: Graduates of this program have the option of further study in environmental studies at universities across BC.

Diploma in General Studies

This flexible program provides study in a wide area of courses from both Arts and Science.

The Diploma in General Studies may be granted after the successful completion of 60 credits of Okanagan College university studies courses including at least 18 credits of 200-level courses. Only 30 credits of courses can be from a single discipline.

Diploma in International Development

Engage with current global issues such as poverty; environmental degradation; racial and gender discrimination; corruption and lack of economic and financial transparency; and political deficiency. Pursue one of two program options: (1) International Development Governance, or (2) International Development Management - a joint diploma program between Arts and Business.

Careers: This diploma is designed for students who are interested in working with organizations involved in development projects around the globe.

Further Education: Graduates of this diploma have the option of further study at universities across BC. Graduates can move directly to the third year of the Okanagan College Bachelor of Business Administration degree.

Diploma in Communications, Culture, and Journalism Studies

Examine the mass media as society's most pervasive agent of political and cultural transformation. Explore the social, political, and economic functions of news and communications media, the history of journalism, and cultural policy & theory. Particular attention will be paid to questions of social justice, as well as of identity and constructions of gender, race, class, sexuality, and nationality. 

Careers: communicationspublic relations, marketing, journalism, advertising, research, writing, publishing, consulting or new media, especially in small markets and independent digital environments.

Further Education: Graduates are provided with a solid liberal arts education in preparation for further study, and typically transfer into degree opportunities in Journalism, Communications or English at universities in BC and beyond. 

Diploma in Writing and Publishing

Gain a solid grounding in four areas: creative and literary writing, publishing, communications, and business. Obtain a well-rounded education through applied training in print and web-based publishing, production and design, accounting, marketing, and management, as well as in creative, cultural, and professional communications.

Careers: book, magazine, and internet publishing, professional writing, journalism, creative writing, marketing, media, and graphic design.

Further Education: Graduates may block transfer to the third year of an Applied Communication BA at Royal Roads University in Victoria, or transfer to degree opportunities in English at universities such as UBCO, UVIC, and VIU.