Multi-Process Alloy Welding


Red Seal certified welders may pursue an additional level of specialty training in low alloy and stainless steel welding.  This is an optional, 5 week program which requires the welder to register as an apprentice with an employer sponsor.  Upon successful completion of technical training, an ITA standardized exam and 900 work-based hours, a "Multi-Process Alloy Welding Endorsement" will be affixed to the welder's existing Certificate of Qualification.

Admission Requirements

  • You must be a registered apprentice within BC.
  • A pre-requisite to take this program is to be a Red Seal Welder.
  • Person wishing to become apprentices must be employed with a business that employs a qualified journeyperson. The Industry Training Authority (ITA) sets up a registration for apprenticeship between the apprentice, the employer and the ITA.

Program Outline

Level 1 (5 weeks)
  • Shielded Metal Arc Welding
  • Basic Metallurgy
  • Gas tungsten arc
  • Layout and Fabricate Components

Program Fees

  • For tuition information visit Apprenticeship Tuition Fees.
  • Students must supply approved safety boots and gear and coveralls.
  • Income support for apprentices attending technician-training courses is provided by Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC) through regular employment insurance eligibility.
  • For financial and other useful documents visit Important Documents

Employment Opportunities

The MPAW Endorsement enables a welder to weld specialized allows, by any manual welding process, in any position, and such other work as is usually done by a Red Seal Certified Welder.

How to Apply

Applications can be completed online here or over the phone. There is no application fee.

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Program Contact

Apprenticeship Office

(250) 762-5445 (Local 4347)
Toll Free: 1-800-621-3038