Who We Are

IT Services is responsible for the planning, coordination, and management of all Information Technology operations including desktop computing, networks, telecommunications, customer support services, software and educational technology.

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Desktop Computing

  • Computer workstation setup & maintenance
  • Computer software setup & maintenance
  • Printer setup & maintenance
  • A/V equipment setup & maintenance
  • Computer peripheral setup & maintenance
  • Desktop and laptop computer acquisition
  • Consulting, planning and training

Contact: Jake Block - Manager, Desktop Computing

Software Services

  • Administer Oracle database and Web servers
  • Plan, design, develop, integrate and maintain software:
    • enterprise-wide applications
    • department-level applications
    • web-based applications
  • Maintain user accounts
  • Provide web site hosting for Okanagan College affiliates

Contact: Ryan Ebner - Manager, Software & Support Services

Teaching & Learning

  • Educational technology support
  • Moodle training
  • Videoconferencing support
  • Instructional design support
  • Online learning support
  • Consulting, planning and training

Contact: Mike Minions - Education Technology Coordinator


  • Operation of campus data networks
  • Operation of inter-campus data links
  • Provision of network connections
  • Operation of Data centres
  • File & print services
  • E-Mail services
  • Support of other central servers
  • Registration of domain names
  • Network and OS license management
  • Consulting, planning and training

Contact: Jake Block - Manager, Infrastructure

Support Services

  • Service desk management and support
  • OC web site management and support
  • Service request management and support
  • OUC physical record management
  • OC physical record management
  • Project management
  • Data standards and support
  • Web site design & development
  • Document imaging support
  • Manage IT monitors and AV runners
  • Consulting, planning and training
  • Manage enterprise-wide software licenses

Contact: Ryan Ebner - Manager, Software & Support Services


  • Provision of fax & modem connections through the OC telephone switches
  • Operation of campus phone system
  • Operation of inter-campus phone links
  • Local telephone service
  • Long distance telephone service
  • Installation of phone sets
  • Cell phones and pagers
  • Voice mail service
  • Automatic call distribution
  • Consulting, planning and training

Contact: Jake Block - Manager, Infrastructure