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As part of Okanagan College’s mission, vision and values, the Program Review and Renewal process plays a pivotal role in each of these key areas. The Program Review and Renewal process is intended to ensure that the knowledge, experiential learning, and training students obtain in their program will position them to excel in the workplace, succeed in further education, and become lifelong learners. 

Read more about the program review and renewal process here.

The program and course curriculum are foundational to quality programming. Curriculum renewal is a process to examine currency of content and learning outcomes as they relate to the subject or discipline. Learning and Applied Research support faculty and instructors individually or in groups in examining core content and strategies for updating curriculum.

Renewal discussions, exploration and reflection are intended to support faculty and instructors in examining curriculum based on curriculum design principles and development.

Learning and Applied Research is able to assist you in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Curriculum Mapping
  • One-on-one Consultation
  • Focus Groups
  • Program Review and Renewal
  • New course development

Education Technology services

Guiding and helping shape your courses and pedagogy so students can best acquire the knowledge. 

  • Program Development
  • Curriculum design
  • Instructional design
  • Content creation
  • Developing active learning communities

We can help with strategies and techniques to assess student’s understanding of a subject.

  • Aligning strategies to learning outcomes
  • Linkages to accessibility
  • Learner engaged strategies
  • Guide you in use of alternate assessments such as eportfolios,   audio/visual submissions, grading with rubrics

We can help shape various engagement approaches, so students stay active in your course. 

  • In-class approaches for teaching and learning such as Team-Based Learning, Problem-Based Learning
  • Online approaches
  • Communication strategies
  • Software and Apps to increase student engagement

We have a variety of tools on all campuses available for use. 

  • Kiosk at every campus
  • Kelowna L100 – Innovation Space
  • Media recording booths at every campus
  • Classroom carts
  • Specialized Software
  • Hardware loaners (classroom carts, clickers, etc.)

Enrich your course curriculum with our media creation services

  • Storyboard and media creation approaches
  • Graphic and illustration development
  • Tool selection and overview 
  • Video Production and Editing
  • Audio Recording
  • Podcasts

Our team helps maintain a consistent technical experience 

  • Core system support (LMS, Video Conferencing, etc.) support
  • System configuration checks prior to exams or class start
  • Technology consultations



Sessions for emerging instructors and faculty will provide a general overview and introduction to tools and approaches, allowing time to respond to questions, evaluate examples and participate in guided practice.


Evolving sessions will involve more in-depth focus into topics while facilitating dialogue on successful practices and challenges amongst participants.


Mastering sessions are intended as collaborative engagements where participants share practices and problem solve while exploring and piloting new tools and approaches.


Dates: January to April 2022

Location: Online, all campuses

Levels: There are three levels of workshops available to meet the needs of OC instructors, including Emerging, Evolving and Mastery.

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Learning and Applied Research and Education Technology has posted professional development workshops, scheduled for January to April 2022. 

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Provincial Instructor Diploma Program

Courses in this program are offered at OC from time to time and there are other options available (DE offerings, other locations, etc.) so please check the School of Instructor Education here for details. Options are available as well to take the various PIDP courses online with start-ups throughout the year. To view the entire schedule for specific PIDP courses, click here and select each course required.

Individuals who complete the Okanagan College Institute for Learning and Teaching’s Learner-Centred Instructor Certificate (LCIC) are awarded credit for two of the required PIDP courses: PIDP 3220 Delivery of Instruction, and either PIDP 3250 Instructional Strategy or PIDP 3260 Professional Practice, with the choice of the last two courses at the discretion of the individual involved. All three courses are required in the PIDP program.