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What do we do?

As part of the IT Services portfolio at OC, the IT Business Transformation Team provides project management and technical expertise on strategically aligned IT projects and initiatives.  Through a collaborative framework, we coordinate the efforts and activities of cross-functional teams to drive a project to completion.  Our goal is to increase communication, promote a culture of high standards, expectations, and continuous improvement all while meeting an identified need effectively and efficiently. 

Activities include:

  • Business Analysis - establishing the process and standards for business analysis methodology
  • Digital Process Transformation - supporting the process of analyzing business processes or forms to reduce inefficiencies
  • Project Management - providing project management skills and support to lead approved IT projects and cross-functional initiatives
  • Change Management - including training opportunities and project communications

What is an IT project or initiative?

IT projects and initiatives are classified as either a Software Enhancement or Change, Process & Forms Digitization, or a New Project Idea.  IT projects may not always result in a technical project; they take many shapes and sizes.  Most often, IT projects involve the evaluation of processes on a greater scale and may include multiple types of transformations. 

Note: all IT project requests must have identified funding, outline any departmental impacts (enterprise or more focused, including personnel), and name a project owner. 

    A software enhancement or change request is any change or upgrade that increases software or hardware capabilities beyond the original specifications.  Enhancements generally allow software and hardware product performance scalability.

    Example: "I need a new report for class lists added to TIMS"

    Submit an IT Service Request.

    The IT Business Transformation team works collaboratively with groups of key stakeholders and process owners to optimize new or existing processes or forms. The goal of Process & Forms Digitization is to improve the overall customer experience by improving turnaround time and reducing inefficiencies, while making use of modern technology.

    Process and forms digitization requests require the following:

    • Approval from your Director,  Supervisor, or Manager, and the process owner
    • A review of the current process flow including identification of core activities
    • An explanation of what the transformation will achieve

    Examples of digitized forms can be found on the Digital Transformation webpage.

    Submit a Process & Forms Digitization Request.

    A new project idea either establishes a new technology-based system or service, or significantly enhances an existing one.  It also has a defined beginning and end, and is not routine, but is a specific set of operations designed to accomplish a goal.  

    The following applies to all IT projects:

    • IT resources are required
    • Enterprise impact (college-wide or multi-department/area impact)
    • Has a technology component that requires software integration
    • High visibility or high impact to the requesting department or area
    • Ongoing IT support for the product after implementation will be needed

    Example: "I want to implement Microsoft 365 for my department".

    Submit an IT Project Request.

      How to get started

      Have a project idea or initiative?  Follow these simple steps:

      1. Socialize your idea with your Direct Manager or Supervisor and your team to gather feedback.
      2. Refer to the project classification process to determine the project type: New Project Idea (Lite or Standard), Process & Form Digitization, or General IT Service Request.
      3. Complete the applicable action below.

      Noteworthy projects & initatives

      Project or Initiative Name 



      Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) Implementation

      IT Services,


      MFA has been implemented by IT Services. MFA enhances your IT security and protects your sensitive data by requiring users to choose a secondary authentication method. In order to access Microsoft 365 and OC applications, confirmation of your identity through a mobile app (or by other approved methods) is now required by our MFA policies.

      Infrastructure Modernization Initiative

      IT Services,


      Telephony 2.0 Project:  Okanagan College has unified our communication requirements under a single system- Microsoft Teams.  Enabling interoperability across all communication mediums has improved our ability to respond to OC's dynamic telephony needs.

      OC Mobile App

      IT Services

      More information coming soon.

      Moodle Upgrade 4.1

      IT Services


      Upgrade Moodle from Version 3.9 to Version 4.1. This upgrade allows for display of completion criteria, opening dates and closing dates for each activity on a course, and more. Learners can see at a glance what they need to do to complete a specific course or activity, which makes it easier to manage their time.

      Digital Transformation Initiative

      IT Services,


      • Forms and Process Digitization:  Analysis on new or existing processes or forms to improve the overall customer experience, decreasing turnaround time and reducing inefficiencies.
      • Team Dynamix Project: Replaced our previous service management tool (WebQA), with TeamDynamix, an enterprise service management tool that allows departments to run their service operations more efficiently.
      Banner Revitalization Initiative College-wide
      • Self-Service 9.0 Project
      • Mailing Address Change

      Tools and resources

      Below is a list of tools and resources available for use to support all phases of a project.  Please download and save a copy of the document.

      The documents above are meant to be used as a starting point or guide.  Each project will be different- feel free to modify the template to suit your needs. 

      Project communications

      May 10, 2023

      IT Services will be hosting three drop-in Ask Us Anything sessions for Microsoft Teams Calling in the month of May. Do you have questions…

      Aug 29, 2022

      Over the last two years, IT Services has worked closely with various departments across the college to digitize over 35 forms that previously…

      Contact us

      Have a question about a project?  Not sure where to start?  Want to check the status of your project request? 

      Or just want to share some feedback? 

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