IT Services for Faculty and Staff

Okanagan College WebMail
Employees can access their college email account via the web.

myFiles Login
You can access your network files via a web browser using myFiles. Enter your Network ID and password and choose EMP.OC from the User Database dropdown.

Reset your myOkanagan or Network Password
If you have forgotten your password for your myOkanagan or Windows (Network) accounts you can initiate a password reset.

Audio Visual Booking
Book your A/V equipment.

Connect to an OC Printer
Connect to an Okanagan College Printer

Connecting to Wifi
Employees and Students have access to two WiFi networks on campus; OC and Eduroam.

How to Login to HotDesk Instructions
How to login to HotDesk phone using Hotdesk assigned local

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IT Handbook
IT Handbook

We have designed this section specifically for employees of Okanagan College – to provide you with the information you need to make the best use of the many facilities and services available to you.

Okanagan College is a vibrant institution that places a high priority on the application of technology in learning and we, in IT Services, are committed to providing key technical services and support for our employees.

As a member of the College community, your access to the network and computing resources of Okanagan College is a privilege. You are required to use computing and information resources responsibly and to guard against abuses.  Please review our policy regarding Responsible and Appropriate Use of IT Resources.

Services for Faculty & Staff


Employee Accounts

As an employee at Okanagan College, you will gain access to a number of resources which may require authentication before use. These include:

xp Windows (Network) Account

In order to access computer and printing services on campus, you will be required to login using your Windows Network ID and Password.

Your Windows account ID is your 9 digit OC Employee Number and your default password is provided to you by IT Services when first logging in.

Windows accounts are created by IT Services when requested by the originating department via the online IT Account Maintenance Request.

Any problems with your account should be reported to the IT Services Helpdesk.


MyOk myOkanagan Account

myOkanagan is the Okanagan College Web Portal which will provide you with quick and easy access to many essential web based services from any internet connected computer.  These services include:

  • myOkanagan E-mail (
  • Your Teaching Schedule
  • Personal Information
  • Finance (F.A.S.T.) Information
  • BANNER Access
  • Course Advising Tools
  • Online Service Requests
  • Online Purchase Requests
  • Access to Blackboard
  • Access to the OC Wireless Network
  • Reports and Manuals
  • Form and Policy Library
  • Online Groups

Your username is your 9 digit employee ID.
Format is: 300xxxxxx@emp.oc

Your password is the same one you use to login to your OC computer and OC email.

The first time you log into myOkanagan, you will be asked to agree to the Responsible and Appropriate Use of IT Resources policy, and will have to change your password from the default value.

Problems with your myOkanagan account should be reported to the IT Services Helpdesk.


Exchange Microsoft Exchange (Email) Account

Microsoft Exchange is the email system implemented at Okanagan College. 

Your exchange email accounts gives you access to your email, calendar, and other collaborative tools via Outlook (or other mail program) as well as:

Your Exchange ID is generally in the format:  FirstInitialLastName  (i.e. Jane Doe would be: jdoe)

Your Okanagan College Email Address is:

Exchange accounts are created by IT Services when requested by the originating department via the online IT Account Maintenance Request.. 

Any questions or problems related to your Exchange account should be directed to the IT Services Helpdesk.


Banner Ellucian Banner Account

Banner is the administrative software system implemented by Okanagan College.  It is used for the administration of almost all College business.

IT Services is responsible for the maintenance and implementation of the Banner System at Okanagan College including user account security.

Requests for access to Banner and it's associated modules should be made via the online IT Account Maintenance Request, and must be approved by a Manager.

Questions or problems related to the Banner system should be directed to the IT Services Helpdesk


FAST Finance FAST Finance Reporting

FAST Finance Reporting provides decentralized self service financial reporting for authorized users, allowing fully supported, drill down access to all accounts for that user. Reports include relevant, timely information for actuals, commitments and budgets, showing where money is being spent and how it compares to approved budget amounts.

IT Services provides access to the system via myOkanagan.   Account security is maintained by the Finance department.

Any questions or issues regarding access to the FAST Finance Reporting System should directed to the IT Services Helpdesk.  Questions regarding access to particular account codes should be directed to the Finance  and Corporate Services Department.


Personal Webspace

Faculty and Staff may have personal web pages in support of instructional delivery, scholarly pursuits or in support of their work at Okanagan College. Publishing policies and standards apply to the pages, as defined within the Responsible and Appropriate Use of IT Resources policy documents.

FTP Address:
Username: (your employee ID)
Password: (always the same as your email account's password)

Depending on the requirements of your position at Okanagan College, you may or may not have access to all of these account types.

This list of account types is not exhaustive - any problems or questions regarding these or any other IT related accounts should be directed to the IT Services Helpdesk.


Access the Internet

Employees and students may access the Internet on campus via the campus-wide wireless network using their own computer or appropriately equipped College computers.

Wireless access requires that you authenticate your identity using your myOkanagan login credentials.  Please note that if you change your myOkanagan password, you must also use the new password to access the wireless network.


Education Technology

IT Services, through the Bureau of Academic Support for the Advancement of Learning Technologies (BASALT),  provides training, advice and assistance to Okanagan College faculty in all program areas in instructional practices and delivery methods that reflect 'best practices' in the application of technology to teaching, learning and research.

We offer:

  • group workshops
  • personalized just-in-time training
  • instructional design support
  • resource development
  • learning technology research

For more information and detail, please consult the Education Technology Homepage.


Get Computer Help

The AskUs Online Help System is packed with information, documentation and tools to help students with their computer, software and connecting to the campus network and online services. This resource is available around the clock, and should be the FIRST PLACE you look for assistance.

The Okanagan College IT Services Helpdesk staff are dedicated to assisting students and staff with their computer related problems. Help can be found at:

  • AskUs Online Help System 
  • IT Services Helpdesk
    • By Phone - Extension 4444 or Toll-Free 1-866-839-4032
    • In Person (Kelowna only) - Room L104 Centre for Learning
    • Via Electronic Mail
    • Hours of Operation
      • Summer Hours: M-F 8:00 am - 4:00 pm (May 1-August 31, excluding holidays)
      • Regular Hours: M-F 8:30 am - 4:30 pm (Excluding holidays)

Service Requests
Service Requests for all IT related issues should be submitted online via the Okanagan College Service Request System.  Please note that this system requires that you first login to myOkanagan to authenticate your identity.

This system should be used for all general IT Related issues including:

  • Hardware/Software Problems
  • Printing
  • Windows Networks
  • Audio Visual Equipment
  • Internet and Web Access
  • Telephones (Standard and Cell Phones, Long Distance PINS, etc.)
  • Administrative Software (Banner, OC Express, FAST, SARMS, etc.)
  • Email
  • Computer Labs
  • Okanagan College and other hosted Websites
  • Network wiring and infrastructure

If you are unable to submit a request online, or have questions/problems with respect to submitting a request, please contact the IT Services Helpdesk at local 4444.

Hardware repairs
IT Services  does not provide hardware repairs or replacements for staff owned desktop or laptop computers. We can often assist (as time permits) in diagnosing a specific problem or hardware failure, but the actual repairs must be performed by the original manufacturer (check your computer warranty to see if the system is still covered) or by a local repair shop.

Software help
We provide limited "how to" information on specific software applications, but will research your questions as time allows. You may want to review the documentation or technical support web sites for the software vendor for more assistance in the use of individual applications.  You may also submit your questions directly to the AskUs Online Help System.