Operations & Energy Systems

The Operations Department is responsible for all mechanical and electrical building system maintenance and repair. The goal is to protect Okanagan College's investment in infrastructure. We ensure a safe, healthy and comfortable environment for staff and students to work and learn. The department continually optimizes mechanical and electrical systems to ensure that natural gas, electricity and water are used as efficiently as possible.


The Electrical Department services fire and life safety systems, building automation controls, transformers and electrical distribution systems.  IT infrastructure, energy management projects and yearly Routine Capital Projects are also supported.

All interior and exterior lighting systems are maintained on a regular basis. Interior lighting includes both normal and emergency lighting. Exterior lighting is comprised of street and building lights. To request repairs to any of these systems between regular maintenance, please submit an online work request: myOkanagan—OC Express—Requests and Notices—Facilities Work Request.

Any heaters or small appliances (permanent or portable) brought from home, must be inspected and approved by Facilities Management Operations Electrical Division prior to using on OC campuses.  Any installation and approval of appliances, fans or heaters can be done by a Facilities work request.  This will ensure the device and installations are acceptable based on safety standards and electrical codes.  If a number of electrical devices are to be added to a circuit, consult Electrical personnel in Facilities Management through an online work request to ensure safe operation of electrical systems. Work requests can be found here: myOkanagan—OC Express—Requests and Notices—Facilities Work Request.

Electrical power bars and the installation of jiffy poles and raceways are available from Facilities Management. All electrical appliances connected to the campus electrical system are to be C.S.A. approved. These services will be charged to the requesting department, in which case estimates will be provided. Estimates are requested through an online work request.

General inquiries and requests for major electrical modification or services should be directed to the Manager, Operations and Energy Systems: Peter Csandl.

Lightbulb Energy Management

The Operations Department plays a key role in energy management and reducing carbon emissions. We are mandated to control utility costs while maintaining a quality learning and working environment. This is accomplished through maintenance and upgrades of equipment as well as the monitoring, analysis and scheduling of building systems. Please see all our energy savings initiatives here
Energy Management

The electrical and mechanical staff continue to find innovative ideas to further enhance energy reductions. 95% of the projects are done in- house.


 Heating Cooling & Ventilation

This department maintains and services all heating and cooling systems. Boilers, chillers, cooling towers and ventilation fans are serviced and maintained. Building automation controls are monitored and repaired on all campuses.

Indoor Air Quality

All buildings are operated under our standard Indoor Air Quality Guidelines (IAQ), and are engineered within the guidelines of ASHRAE standards.

Air quality is maintained within the regulations of Work Safe BC and any air quality issues are attended to by in house maintenance staff using portable IAQ metering to check problem areas.

HVAC systems are maintained by a scheduled preventative maintenance program.

Work order requests are tracked for completion and depending on the problem a recorded log can be obtained from the assessed area.

A number of our ventilation systems support demand control ventilation using CO2 sensors.



The operations department ensures the safe operation by overseeing the servicing and compliance of all elevator systems.

Elevators requiring attention should be reported to Facilities Management at 250-762-5445 local 4262.


Fire & Life Safety Equipment

 Fire detection and suppression equipment is provided in all public areas. Maintenance and servicing of equipment is performed by the Operations Department. Records are kept of all installations, servicing and inspections. Contracts with external firms are maintained for servicing fire extinguishers, fire hose cabinets, standpipes and sprinkler systems. In addition, we serve as a liaison between local fire departments in correcting deficiencies.

If you find any fire annunciators panels in the building entrance ways indicating a problem or beeping please call Facilities Management local 4262 immediately.

If additional fire equipment is required or needs alteration, please submit an online work request form: myOkanagan—OC Express—Requests and Notices—Facilities Work Request. The purchase of fire suppression equipment in addition to that required for general building safety compliance is the responsibility of the requesting department.

Contacting Operations and Energy Systems

Most work required by Operations and Energy Systems is requested by submitting an online work request: myOkanagan—OC Express—Requests and Notices—Facilities Work Request.

If you would like to discuss a project or issue that falls outside the routine work order request system, please contact  Peter Csandl Manager, Operations and Energy Systems.