Adult Upgrading

Adult Basic Education

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Sometimes the hardest part of going back to school is taking the first step. At Okanagan College, our upgrading department welcomes all adult students and provides help for each step of the way.

Upgrading is the right choice if you want to:

  • Complete high school graduation requirements
  • Upgrade your high school marks
  • Complete pre-requisites for the College's program or other university courses
  • Develop your reading, writing and math skills
  • Improve your career opportunities

Courses and programs are offered throughout the year, and all College locations offer Adult Upgrading. 

Tuition free!

Upgrading classes are free, and there is also financial help available to cover extra costs. The Adult Upgrading Grant (AUG) is provided by the B.C. Government to cover student fees, partial travel costs, unsubsidized child care and school supplies. The AUG form is awarded based on your income level.  Find the application form and more information at the Financial Aid Office or email

Getting started

Our staff support students like you to succeed every day, and want to make the school process simple. Education Advising has information on the courses you need and how to register.

What you need to know

How it works

Delivery method

We are happy to announce that we will be back on campus learning for Fall 2021.  Adult Upgrading courses will be delivered on-campus in Salmon Arm, Vernon, Kelowna and Penticton.  Courses will have a September, January, May or July start dates.  Fall and Winter semester are 16 weeks long, while summer semesters are 8 weeks long.

There will also be a small selection available through online learning.  Although these courses are delivered online, you will need to attend classes on specific days and at the times specified.  Courses will have a September and January start dates.  Fall and Winter semesters are 16 weeks long.

Skills assessment

Students can complete upgrading skills assessments online or in-person in 2-3 hours. Here are some upcoming assessment dates:

  • Penticton: No appointment necessary on Tues, Oct 26 at noon, Tues, Nov 23 at noon, & Mon, Dec 20 at 9am. Location provided on arrival. Please contact the coordinator or call 250-492-4305 ext 3231 for online courses or to schedule an alternate time. 
  • Kelowna: Please contact the coordinator to book an appointment.
  • Vernon: Tues, Sept 14, Oct 5, Oct 26, Nov 9, Nov 23, Dec 7, & Dec 14 at 1pm in Room E103. Contact the coordinator or call 545-7291 ext 2221 to reserve a space. Evening bookings available upon request.
  • Salmon Arm and Revelstoke: Please contact the coordinator to schedule an individual online assessment.

View the practice Math skills assessment before your assessment.

Meet an instructor

Upgrading instructor Amanda Krebs is passionate about ending math phobia for her students.

Meet a student

Dawn Naas started her studies at Okanagan College with a bit of upgrading, and found a lot of support along the way.

Explore program details

Adult Upgrading

  Vernon, Penticton, Revelstoke, Salmon Arm, Kelowna

Upcoming courses

English courses available in 2020/2021

  • English 40 (41/42)
  • English 50 (51/52)
  • English 60 (61/62)
  • English 70 (71/72)
  • English 80 (81/82)
  • English 12

Science courses available for 2020/2021

  • Biology 11 and 12
  • Chemistry 11 and 12
  • Physics 11 and 12

Math courses in 2020/2021

These courses will be "self-paced," meaning you can go at your own speed and register at any time.

  • Math 40 (41/42)
  • Math 50 (51/52)
  • Math 60 (61/62)
  • Math 70 (71/72)
  • Math 80 (84/85)

These courses will be a "lecture" format, meaning an instructor will teach lessons online.

  • Introductory Algebra 11
  • Math 11
  • Math 12
  • Computers 70
  • Computers 11
  • Social Studies 11
  • Law 12
  • COST 60
  • Psyc 12
  • EDCP 12

Start dates vary depending on where you would like to study. 

  • Penticton: September, January and May
  • Kelowna: September, January, May and July
  • Vernon: September, January and May
  • Salmon Arm: September and January
  • Revelstoke: September and January

Note: some English and Math classes have continuous intakes, so you can register at any time.


Okanagan College offers FREE tutoring services for community members looking for one-to-one help with basic reading, writing or mathematics skills.

Volunteer Literacy Tutor Program

This program covers basic reading, writing and math skills. It is free for all learners in the community and can be started at any time between September and May. Please contact the centre nearest to you to start:

  • Oliver, Osoyoos, and Okanagan Falls (CALP): 250-492-4305 ext 3244 or email
  • Penticton: 250-492-4305 ext 3331
  • Kelowna: 250-545 7291 ext 4244
  • Vernon: 250-545-7291 ext 2311
  • Revelstoke (CALP): 250-837-4235 ext 6516

English as a Second Language Settlement Assistance Program

New Canadians can improve their English language skills to help enjoy life. Adult immigrants learn through one-on-one lessons. Students get matched with volunteer tutors who build lessons to reach their goals.

This program is free and confidential. It runs from September to May. English practice groups are available. A family friendly group with childcare is available. Field trips, social events and a special ESL resource library help students learn.

To get started, phone:

  • Salmon Arm campus: 250-832-2126 ext 8237
  • Revelstoke centre: 250-837-4235 ext 6504


Join a virtual info session or become a student for a day. 


Have your questions answered by an advisor or recruiter. 


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