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Water Engineering Technology student works in the field

Experienced faculty teach students to monitor, assess and protect both public health and water in the environment. Students will learn about water quality, water testing, treatment, biology and chemistry, through classroom, laboratory and field learning. 

Program spotlight

Pipes. Storage. Microbes. Runoff. Stream protection. Treatment. Erosion. There’s a lot more to the Diploma in Water Engineering Technology than you think. 

Studying microplastics in fresh water

OC Water Engineering Technology students have teamed up with community partners to determine if there are microplastics in Okanagan Lake and municipal wastewater.

Joshua Sztanko, who hails originally from Niagara Falls, was one of the Okanagan College students who worked on the project.

“Our work involved isolating, verifying and measuring microplastics from the samples provided,” explains Sztanko, who will graduate this year. “This was a phenomenal capstone project in that it offered a real-world learning opportunity with microplastics and the chance to contribute to a study that has an impact right here in the Okanagan where we live.”

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Water Engineering Technology students learn what goes into treating water for safe drinking, protecting bodies of water like lakes and streams, testing water for microbes and chemicals and securely storing and moving water through pipes.


David Teasdale

Chair - Water Engineering Technology
Office: Lab Building 128
Campus: Kelowna
Phone: 250-762-5445 ext. 4478
Water Engineering - David Teasdale


My background includes more than 18 years of operational and management experience across several Class IV Water and Class IV Wastewater Treatment plants located in British Columbia and Alberta. I was the primary lead for the construction and management of the worlds largest and most state of the art Class IV enhanced membrane water treatment plants in North America from pre-design stage to completion. This 48-million dollar project presented extensive research opportunities working with various government agencies and organizations. I was also a key player in a 38-million dollar wastewater treatment plant expansion completed in 2014. My industry experience compounded with several technical and academic research projects provide students enrolled in the Water Engineering Technology Program a solid background for success after graduation.

Level IV EOCP Certified

Frank Carey

Water Engineering Technology
Office: Lab Building 104
Campus: Kelowna
Phone: 250-762-5445 ext. 4379

Rob Mellander

Water Engineering Technology
Office: Lab Annex Building 105
Campus: Kelowna
Phone: 250-762-5445 ext. 4493

Owen Lloyd

Professor - Water Engineering Technology | Lab Tech - Mechanical Engineering Technology
Office: Lab Building 245
Campus: Kelowna
Phone: 250-762-5445 ext. 4557
Water Engineering - Owen Lloyd

RSE, General Machinist, BCIT
Technologist, CNC Programmer, BCIT
Journeymen Automotive Machinist, BCIT

Allison O'Neill

Water Engineering Technology (On Leave)
Office: Lab Building 163
Campus: Kelowna
Phone: 250-762-5445 ext. 4633
Water Engineering - Allison Oneill


I am a professional engineer with more than 12 years of civil and environmental engineering experience. I have consulted on projects primarily located in British Columbia and Alberta with a focus on brownfield redevelopment. I have been with Okanagan College Water Engineering Technology program since 2004, and am currently the Department Chair. During my time with OC, I have taught a wide range of applied courses including hydrology, hydrogeology, municipal distribution and collection systems, surveying and environmental law. I am also a long-time member of the Okanagan Water Stewardship Council. I was elected to the EOCP Board of Directors in June 2018 and am currently the Board Treasurer.

MEd, Leadership and Administration, Gonzaga University
BASc, Civil Engineering, University of Calgary


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