Meet Michael Saad, Communications Professor

Communications Professor Michael Saad
'Being able to see others succeed, no matter how large or small, is very meaningful work'

What is your areas of interest?

I teach in the Communications Department. I have a Master of Arts in Communication from the University of Ottawa. My area of interest is identity development and relationship dynamics through digital space. I seek to understand how our ‘technoself’ is increasingly influencing our real-world decisions.

When did you know you had found your discipline?

After teaching my very first course. To see the students improve their skills and reach new heights was incredibly inspiring, and it was work I hoped to never stop doing. 

Why did you choose to work at Okanagan College?

I would say Okanagan College chose me. I feel very grateful to be part of a community full of such remarkable people. 
What do you like the most about the work you do?

Through academics, I have the privilege of helping individuals realize their potential and abilities. Being able to see others succeed, no matter how large or small, is very meaningful work.
Favourite teaching experience?

I once taught a group of students what technology was like in the mid-90s. The reactions of fascination and terror over the concept of dial-up Internet was something I will never forget.

Who gave you the best advice you ever received? 

One of my earliest memories is my father telling me to “Stop, think and use your head.” That applies as much to a four-year-old as it does to a 64-year-old. Have never forgotten it.

If you ran the world?

We’d all be in trouble. Who thought that was a good idea?

Published By College Relations on October 19, 2020

What is Communications?

The Department of Communications is interested in how meaning is made in a range of contexts, including advertising, television, film, popular culture, and the internet. Explore how communication is fundamentally related to the development of self and society and examine how the messages of the contemporary world influence perception of such issues as gender, race, class and community.

Communications study options

There are several programs to choose from when considering studies in Communications: