English for Academic Purposes Certificate

Campus Kelowna (Jan, May, Jul, Sep)
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ESL students study together before a presentation is due

Program Highlights

Develop skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing to Canadian Language Benchmarks Levels 8 and 9 and prepare to enter university-level courses.

Tuition and Fees

International Students, please see International Student Fees.

Program Details

Okanagan College offers students an opportunity to improve their English for college and university. The English for Academic Purposes Program (EAP) is a four-level program whose goal is to prepare students for academic studies.

In Levels 1, 2 and 3, students attend EAP classes for up to 20 hours of classes per week. In Level 4, students attend EAP classes for up to 15 hours of classes per week. In addition to their EAP courses, students at EAP level 3 may take one academic course and at EAP level 4 up to two academic courses provided students meet course prerequisites. If a student has mixed levels, the dominant level will determine the student's level. The addition of academic courses must be approved by the academic course instructor and appropriate academic dean.

The program has three areas: academic writing (EAPW), academic reading (EAPR), and academic discussion (EAPD). Level 4 EAPW and EAPR together are equivalent to high school English 12 which is a requirement for many academic programs.

In addition to the above courses, option courses are also available. These include grammar and pronunciation.


Admission Requirements

New students register in the EAP Certificate courses after taking an English assessment, the OCELA (Okanagan College English Language Assessment). Students will be placed in the program according to their OCELA score.

Students are not normally permitted to take the OCELA more than once during a 12-month period.

Placement at Level 4 OCELA, or completion of the EL Certificate with a minimum grade of 65% in ELLS 030, ELR 030, and ELW 030.


Program Outline

Semester 1
EAPD 010 Academic Discussion Skills 1
EAPR 010 Academic Reading Skills 1
EAPW 010 Academic Writing Skills 1
Semester 2
EAPD 020 Academic Discussion Skills 2
EAPR 020 Academic Reading Skills 2
EAPW 020 Academic Writing Skills 2
Semester 3
EAPD 030 Academic Discussion Skills 3
EAPR 030 Academic Reading Skills 3
EAPW 030 Academic Writing Skills 3
Semester 4
EAPD 040 Academic Discussion Skills 4
EAPR 040 Academic Reading Skills 4
EAPW 040 Academic Writing Skills 4

Successful completion of EAPD 040, EAPW 040 and EAPR 040 with a minimum grade of 65 per cent in each course.



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