Distance Education

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No face-to-face exams

All Distance Education exams will be written online from your own home. The Winter 2021 Final Exam period is April 16 - 27, 2021. The schedule is now posted below under the Distance Education exam schedules section.

Please read all exam information carefully and familiarize yourself with dates, policies and other documents. 

If you have an exam conflict (two or more exams scheduled at the same time or three exams within a 24-hour period), please send an e-mail to exams@okanagan.bc.ca and include your name, student number and exam conflict information. Your conflict will be reviewed by Distance Education and you will be sent an updated exam schedule by email.

Distance Education Out-of-Time Examination Policy

Request for Out-of-Time Exam Form

In the event of exceptional circumstances, students may apply to write an examination at a time other than the scheduled time. These examinations are referred to as out-of-time examinations. The policy for out of time examinations can be found at the link above. Please be advised that travel plans are not a valid reason for writing an out-of-time exam. As such, it is essential that you do not make travel plans prior to the exam schedule being posted.

Out-of-time request forms must be submitted three weeks prior to examination dates.

If you have any questions regarding your Distance Education exams, please email exams@okanagan.bc.ca