Business Administration Diploma

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The Business Administration and Tourism Management diploma programs provide students with a broad understanding of business practices. Combined with experience and skills learned in the classroom, students will be able to progress to more responsible roles in accounting, marketing, operations, personnel or general administration.

Choose from 6 Specialty Areas:

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Human Resources Management
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Tourism and Hospitality Management

General Studies Option:

If your dream doesn’t fit neatly into one of the specialties listed, then you can choose the general studies option and choose courses from the areas of most importance to you and to your goals. 

Bridge to a BBA Degree:

Ready to take your education a step further?

The two-year diploma can be used toward a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree. 

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You can choose one specialty to focus on on design your own diploma:

Today’s accountants are high-level problem solvers. Your career in this area could cover a vast set of situations unique to the complex and evolving business environment. Areas of study include financial and managerial accounting, income tax, cost accounting and auditing. Unlike many programs, all the courses you need for the Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA) designation can be taken here at Okanagan College. As an accounting professional, you will be in high demand in manufacturing and service industries, public accounting, government and the not-for-profit sector.

You can secure your financial future by securing the same for hundreds of others. The finance specialty trains you to work in any, or all, of three rewarding career paths. Each one provides you with its own benefits. Personal finance allows you to work with individuals on their financial planning. Investment management focuses on the investments of an institution and its clients. Corporate finance opens opportunities in government, insurance and banking.

You can work directly with the most important resource any organization has—its people. As a human resources manager, your career will encompass areas such as recruitment and selection, training and development, compensation and benefits, employment law, health and safety and strategic planning. Your degree in HR from Okanagan College is accredited by Chartered Professionals in Human Resources (CPHR) British Columbia and Yukon. The knowledge and skills you acquire from this program are practical for any management position.

Knowing the rules is great; making the rules is better. As a manager, you can make decisions that can impact your company, your industry and your world. You can choose from three management streams to pursue the profession you want most. Entrepreneurship will allow you to explore entrepreneurial thinking, processes, leadership and strategy. Supply Chain and Operations management focuses on operations, manufacturing, purchasing, logistics and leadership. Sustainability management trains you to use self-sustainable business models and to incorporate sound environmental practices.

Marketing is a lot more than just advertising. As a marketer, you plan the design of products, price them, promote them and ensure they are available to the marketplace. This requires you to find innovative ways to connect with and understand your consumers. You will be using your creative skills in areas such as market research, digital marketing, consumer behaviour, marketing communications, event planning, branding, customer relationships and sales.

You can be part of the global community by enjoying a career in tourism and hospitality. Understanding your customers and making them feel welcome is the foundation of any successful business manager. Your career in tourism and hospitality can also take you to other countries. Your skills in critical thinking and assessment will be vital in the sustainability of this ever-changing industry all around the world.

General Studies option


Choose the general studies option to focus on the topics and areas of most importance to you. General studies allows you to choose electives from any of the specialties within the business department.

See the diploma planner button below to view the course requirements for each option.

Course and diploma planning

First year course selection

To help you choose courses for your first year of the Business Administration Diploma program we suggest you take the following courses.

  1. BUAD 111 Financial Accounting I
  2. BUAD 123 Management Principles
  3. BUAD 128 Computer Applications
  4. CMNS 112 Professional Writing I
  5. MATH 114 Business Mathematics
  1. BUAD 113 Canadian Business**
  2. BUAD 116 Marketing
  3.  BUAD 195 Financial Management
  4. *One of: BUAD 121, 176, 206, 251 or 269.
  5. CMNS 122 Professional Writing II

*This course needs to match the specialty that you prefer to pursue in your studies. Please note that you can change your
specialty once you are registered.

**BUAD 113 does not receive credit in the Bachelor of Business Administration.  If you plan to pursue the degree, choose ECON 115 and ECON 125.

Students cannot receive credit for ECON 115 or ECON 125 and BUAD 113 in the diploma or degree.

Accounting – BUAD 121 Financial Accounting II
Finance – BUAD 251 Personal Financial Planning
Human Resources Management – BUAD 269 Human Resources Management
Management – BUAD 176 Professional Selling
Marketing – BUAD 176 Professional Selling
Tourism and Hospitality Management – BUAD 206 The Business of Tourism

Diploma planner

Download the diploma planner pdf to help plan out your course schedule.


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