AutoCAD Skills Certificate

Headed into the building or architectural design industry? AutoCAD is foundational for modern building design, and this certificate provides the fundamental tools for learning the program well. Focusing on two-dimensional application, courses employ practical application and assignments to test software skills and navigate layout and structural design.

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Tuition and fees

2023-24: $3,523.14

Program details

This 160-hour certificate program introduces students to the tools and applications of AutoCAD software. Emphasis will be on learning the concepts and practical uses of the program as well as developing acceptable practices for electronic file management. Concentrating on two-dimensional drafting, this program teaches the use of AutoCAD using examples of drawings from various industries. A hands-on approach emphasizing practical working techniques is applied to exercises and assignments. This program is suitable for individuals with previous background within residential construction, carpentry, drafting or manufacturing who are wishing to advance or expand upon their skills into computer-aided design.

Civil Engineering - John Kenny

John Kenny

MEng, Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, University of Calgary
MEngSC, Civil Engineering, National University of Ireland
BE, Civil Engineering, National University of Ireland

John Kenny joined Okanagan College in 2005 as a College Professor in the Civil Engineering Technology program. John continues to teach in the College’s Civil Engineering Technology program while also teaching part-time as a sessional lecturer in the School of Engineering at UBC Okanagan. John completed the AutoCAD Skills Certificate program at Okanagan College in 2008 and he has been co-teaching the program since 2019.  John is a certified Autodesk AutoCAD professional.



Jason Besse


  • Autodesk University Workshops 2019; Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Urban Design Certificate 2010; Simon Fraser University
  • Building Technology Diploma (Architecture) 2003; British Columbia Institute of Technology
  • Architectural Drafting Certificate 1995; Fraser Valley University


  • Okanagan College Instructor (Revit and AutoCAD) 2013-Present
  • CAD/BIM Technologist at several different architecture firms 2003-Present

Q1 Do I need to purchase AutoCAD to complete this program?

No. Okanagan College has a number of computer laboratories with the latest version of AutoCAD installed. Obtaining an AutoCAD student license for your personal laptop and/or home desktop is relatively straightforward. Simply set up an account at the link provided below and download the software.

Q2 Do I need to purchase textbooks?

No. There are no required textbooks for the program. Recommended textbooks (not required) include AutoCAD Fundamentals (Mixed Units) and AutoCAD Advanced (Mixed Units) by ASCENT the Authorized Publisher. The recommended textbooks can be viewed and ordered at the link given below.

Q3 What are the technology requirements?

Online classes:

  1. Laptop and Desktop AutoCAD installation requirements can be found at the following link:
  2. Fully functioning webcam and microphone.

Face-to-Face classes:

The latest version of AutoCAD will be provided in the College’s computer labs.

Q4 What prospective employment a certificate holder would be qualified for?

Depends on what other training or experience you have. 

  • With just the certificate, a student could look at some entry level drafting positions with a design or manufacturing firm.
  • With added construction and design experience, a student could look for a more intermediate position with a company or contract work.
  • Having mentioned that, instructors are noticing that the architectural design sector is trending more towards Building Information Modelling, which this course does not cover. 
  • Time and deadlines permitting, instructors in AutoCAD try to deliver a brief lesson on BIM and Revit at the very end of the course.

Online synchronous class two evenings per week and Saturdays, plus additional asynchronous study.

Campus Start date Schedule
Distance Mar. 12, 2024

Online. Tuesday and Thursdays, 6p.m. - 10p.m. and Saturdays, 9a.m. - 1p.m.

Distance Sep. 2024

Online. Two evenings per week plus Saturdays

Distance Mar. 2025

Online. Two evenings per week plus Saturdays

Program outline

AD 001 - Introduction to AutoCAD Skills
AD 002 - Applied AutoCAD Skills
MSFD 101 - File and Desktop Management

Students must pass each course with a minimum grade of 60% to receive the certificate.

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