Education Advising

In response to COVID-19, Okanagan College has suspended a number of on-campus services, such as our Advising offices, for the health and safety of all. We are committed to ensuring students can access services online, by phone or through other means. Please visit this page to see how to connect with us. We also invite you to stay in touch with us digitally on social media, so you can follow along and see updates to avoid feeling isolated during this challenging time for us all.

Okanagan College Education Advisors help you plan your studies to get the most out of your time at our institution. Whether you take a full credential, or a few transferable courses, your decision to come to school is a life-changing choice. Education Advising is a collaborative process that involves teamwork to create an academic plan to meet your needs.
If you have any questions, feel free to Contact Us.

What can an Education Advisor assist you with?

How advisors can help

Admissions requirements, upgrading and program selection

Admissions requirements can be confusing, even for advisors! Meeting with an Education Advisor can help reduce stress and ensure that you are able to meet the requirements for the program you want.

Academic planning and pathways to transfer to universities and other institutions in BC

Education Advisors can help you navigate online tools like and *Please ensure you confirm all course selections with the receiving institution. Okanagan College Education Advisors are not responsible for course transferability at external receiving institutions.

Program planning, registration help and graduation requirements

Advisors can help with registration and have program guides and planning sheets so you can figure out what you need to take to complete your program.

Withdrawing and other OC Academic Policies

The Okanagan College calendar, schedule and withdrawal dates can be tricky to understand. Education Advisors can help you with that. You may also need help accessing policy information related to your studies or situation. Education advisors can liaise with Deans' Offices, Chairs and Administration and help you get the information you need.

Other Okanagan College support services
Accessibility Services
The Learning Centre
Aboriginal Services
Financial Aid and Awards
Student and Co-op Employment
Your role in the process

Participate! Be prepared for your appointment. Make a list of OC programs or courses that interest you. Review Okanagan College program information and class schedules on ClassFinder. Bring questions and documents like high school transcripts or other supporting materials.

Engage! Do your best to keep any appointment you have made. If you must cancel, please give us advance notice.

Read! Keep up to date with your email. Okanagan College communicates with students about deadlines and important events by email. Please bring any emails you have questions about to your appointment.

Review! Make it a habit to look back on your semester and identify areas for improvement. Bring any ideas or concerns to the attention of your Education Advisor so that they can help refer you to available services.

Inform! Keep us up to date if your plans change. We may be able to guide you in a new direction.

Can my parents or others get advice for me (i.e. see my course registrations, fees or grades)

They are welcome to come with you to an advising appointment! However, without you being present, they cannot get advice for you unless you give Okanagan College permission to release your information to them. This is true for parents, spouses or sponsors; no information can be shared without your prior consent. This can be done via a form that you give to the Registrar’s Office or from within your myOkanagan account.

How do I make an appointment?

Call in to the appropriate campus to schedule an appointment.

Contact Us!

What do you need for admission?

What are the admission requirements for my program?

In order to take a course at Okanagan College, you need to apply and be accepted to a program. Once you are admitted to a program you can then register for courses within your area for which you have the course prerequisites. The first step is to decide which program(s) you wish to apply to.

Here is some information to get you started:

  • All programs require that you have graduated from high school, OR are at least 19 years of age and have not attended a traditional high school for at least 12 months
  • Most programs will require an English language admission requirement and may require that you complete other academic courses
  • Some programs will require you to have completed non-academic requirements
  • OC offers admission to students on a “first-applied, first-offered” basis for all programs with the exception of our nursing programs. Apply if you already meet the academic admission requirements for your program OR if you will meet those requirements by the end of the June preceding your fall admission date
How do I prove that I meet the requirements of my program?

You will need to send an official copy of your high school transcript and post-secondary transcripts to Okanagan College

How to submit a transcript to OC

Attended a college or university in the past? Transferring courses
How do I switch to a different Okanagan College program?

Degree, Associate Degree or Diploma program students switching to a different diploma within the same faculty should meet with an advisor.

Different faculty? First, review the admission information and program description found within the OC Calendar. Second, apply for admission online and pay the application fee.

What if I don't have the academic admission requirements for my program?

  • Upgrading is an excellent way to both meet the academic admission requirements for your program and help you get back into the habit of studying and learning
  • Upgrading at OC is in-person, tuition-free and the environment is extremely supportive
  • Many school districts in BC offer upgrading programs, though generally these are done online. Two popular online BC high schools are ESchoolBC (open during the school year) and SCIDES (open all year long)


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