Immunization Requirements
  • Immunization: Students are advised that Health Authorities in BC require all individuals working in health care, including students, to follow provincial and BC health agencies' immunization policies and guidelines. Health care students are at risk of exposure to communicable diseases because of their contact with patients or material from patients with infections, both diagnosed and undiagnosed. Maintenance of immunity against vaccine-preventable diseases is an integral part of a health care facility’s occupational health program. Optimal immunization for health care students will not only safeguard their own health but may also protect patients from becoming infected by a Therapist Assistant student. Following acceptance into the program, students will be requested to complete an Okanagan College Immunization Record.

    Influenza Shot: (Flu season: Approx. November to March 31st) Students are strongly advised to have the annual flu shot and must provide proof of immunization.  This proof must be provided to the TAD Support Person for placement on HSPnet.  Those students who decide not to be immunized must follow facility protocol (i.e. wearing masks for shift duration). 


*Students should be aware that failing to be immunized may restrict their educational opportunity and ability
to fulfill requirements for graduation.*