Department of Sociology       

The Department of Sociology is committed to helping students gain a better understanding of themselves and the social world. Taking courses in Sociology will shed light on how our society influences the way we think and act by exploring the way society is organized and structured.





Recent Faculty Publications:

Munn, M. & Walby, K. (2016). Unsettling Reflections. Journal of Prisoners on Prison, v24(1).


Ikebuchi, S. (2015). From Slave Girls to Salvation: Gender, Race, and Victoria's Chinese Rescue Home, 1886-1923. UBC Press.


Clarkson, C. & Munn, M. (2015). Failed Reform, Found Resistance: Reflections on Prisons, Abolition and Residential Schools. Journal of Prisoners on Prison v23(2), 91-99.