Ben Coleman: Professional Activities


M.A. & Ph.D.
Carleton University

Chair, Department of Psychology

Professional Activities
The area of Positive Psychology is not only an exciting area of research, but also has practical applications to help improve and transform behaviours, thoughts health, and lifestyle.  
    We continue to welcome opportunities to present the science and practical application of Positive Psychology to interested organizations, and professional groups.     

Recent Activities (2007 - 2008):

    World Congress on Psychology and Spirituality

    International Conference on the Teaching of Psychology

    National Post: Spirituality a key factor for overall happiness 
    Calgary Herald: Kids more spiritual than adults: study

    CBC Radio: All Points West - Happiness in Children
            Interview with Dr. Mark Holder (Feb 11, 2008)


Contact Information:
Phone & Voice mail: 250-545-7291 ext:2236