3-hour Short Story Contest

2019 3-Hour Short Story Contest 

Flex your creative and literary muscles in Okanagan College's 9th Annual 3-Hour Short Story Contest on Saturday, Oct. 19. Contestants have three hours to write a short-story that contains a secret phrase, revealed at the beginning of the contest. Stories must be written on Oct. 19 within the time period in the designated location on one of the College's four campuses. 

Registration is open until 11:59 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 18

Win great prizes!

Four regional winners (one per campus) each get a $250 Okanagan College tuition credit.

Grand Prize: The overall winner (judges' choice selected from the four regional winners) will receive an additional $500 tuition credit (total $750) and have their short story published in a limited fine-press edition by Kalamalka Press.

The Official Contest Rules

  1. Stories must use a secret word, phrase, object, or event, to be revealed at the beginning of the contest.
  2. Stories must be written on Saturday, Oct. 19, 2018, between 1 and 4 p.m., on Okanagan College computers in the computer lab designated at one of the four locations (in Salmon Arm, Vernon, Kelowna and Penticton).
  3. No outside sources are allowed. Anyone caught using outside sources, either online or hard copy, will be disqualified.
  4. English Department Faculty from Okanagan College will judge the stories.
  5. Judging will be blind; names of contestants will not appear on stories.
  6. All entries may be published on the website and used by Okanagan College for promotional purposes.
  7. One winning story will be selected from entries at each of the four campuses. One of these will also win First Prize overall.
  8. Open to Okanagan College students and high school students in Grades 11 and 12.
  9. Employees of Okanagan College are not eligible.

What's Next: When you register, you'll receive a confirmation e-mail. Closer to the day of the contest, we'll send you specifics about what to expect, including the room location.

The contest will be held in the below rooms:

Salmon Arm campus: SA202
Vernon campus: D229
Kelowna campus: E212
Penticton campus: PC129

Click here to view campus maps. 

2017 Winners

Overall Winner: Kelowna: Hannah Stanley "The Best Years of Our Lives" (OC)

Regional Winners: 

Kelowna: Hannah Stanley "The Best Years of Our Lives"
Salmon Arm: Darby McEachern-Corley "The Eyes Never Lie"
Vernon: Dawn Naas "Un-Fragmenting Thoughts"
Penticton: Parker Arcand "Hearts of Metal and Ice"

Past Winners

2016 Overall Winner: Kelowna: Pip Dryden "This Time" (OC)

2016 Regional Winners

Salmon Arm: Adam Lauze "About Otters"
Mirka Yargeau "Diner Dive"
Pip Mamo Dryden "This Time"
Penticton: Daniel Greene "Splat"

2015 Overall Winner: Vernon: Daniel Greene "Watercolours" (OC)

2015 Regional Winners

Salmon Arm: Amy Nicholson "The Legend of Mr. Mustache" (King's Christian School)
Daniel Greene "Watercolours" (OC)
Kirsten Kvaale "I Heard" (OC)
Marina Meyer "Mother" (OC)

2014 Overall Winner: Penticton: Jesse Frechette “Lost Control” (OC)

2014 Regional Winners

Salmon Arm: Kyle Phillips “A Small Victory” (OC)
Daniel Reich “Time Moves Quickly” (OC)
Sarina Bouvier “Run-Run-Run” (Kelowna Secondary School)
Jesse Frechette “Lost Control” (OC)

2013 Overall Winner: Kelowna: Mary Bevan “The Use in Usefulness” (OC)

2013 Regional Winners

Salmon Arm: Amelia Moore “The Silent Road Trip” (Salmon Arm Secondary)
Carley Dolman “Kella the Seer” (OC)
Kelowna (and overall) winner:
Mary Bevan “The Use in Usefulness” (OC)
Gwyneth Meghan Steele “Sunlit Memories” (OC)

2012 Overall Winner: Salmon Arm: “Cat's Cradle” by Samantha Wex (Salmon Arm Secondary)

2012 Regional Winners

Salmon Arm: Samantha Wex “Cat's Cradle” (Salmon Arm Secondary)
Casey Hesketh “Drowning Emily” (Charles Bloom Secondary School)
Valerie Scott “Her Special Day” (Okanagan College)
Tricia Highley “Ruby Tuesday” (Okanagan College)

2011 Overall Winner: Penticton: Gwenellen Tarbet – “The Hudson’s Bay Blanket

2011 Regional Winners

Salmon Arm: Katherine Goertz “This Is the Way” 
Karen Bissenden “Three Points
Joe Dermo “Bank Robber
Gwenellen Tarbet “The Hudson’s Bay Blanket

2010 Overall Winner: Salmon Arm: Shvaugn Craig "Poppies and Leaves"

2010 Regional Winners

Salmon Arm: Shvaugn Craig "Poppies and Leaves
Jessica Zotto "Booster Cables"
Laura Savole "Wednesday Night at St. Augustine"
Jon Pelletier "Untitled"

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