Careers in International Development

Many career paths are opened up by two-year diploma in International Development offed by Okanagan College. Please note, this site is informational only and no endorsement should be inferred.  Please carefully research opportunities before making contact. Any content should be independently verified. 

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Career Opportunities
Volunteer Opportunities

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Canada-Wide Nonprofit Organizations

International Nonprofit Organizations

Public Service -  Canada

Public Service - International
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Job Titles

​​International Agencies Academic Careers  Media Government

Capacity Building Specialist
Country Liaison Assistant
Conference Coordinator
Corporate Social Responsibility Advisor
Gender Consultant
Relief Coordinator
Proposal Writer
Legal Advisor
Project Assistant
Sustainability Assistant
Volunteer Coordinator

Education Consultant
Research Coordinator

Communications Assistant
Marketing Assistant
Public Relations Consultant

Energy Expert
Environmental Planning Consultant
Foreign Service Officer
Military Service Officer
Project analyst
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    Resource list is not exhaustive.  If you know of any more, please email with suggestions.

    This page prepared with the assistance of Jack Barker, Natalia Gallo, Joyce Brinkerhoff and Kate Torgerson. Many thanks!