Political Science

Curious about current events? Looking for opportunities?

Political science is about improving our awareness of ourselves and our place in the political world, including our capacity to improve and change the world around us for the better.  If you're interested in issues such as civil rights, war, peace, poverty, justice, globalization, and equality, you're likely interested in Political Science. Concerned with the theory and practice of politics, faculty in the department help students develop the ability to understand the world from a variety of political, social, and cultural perspectives. Interested in law, teaching, journalism, public policy, business, non-profit or foreign service?

Studying political science maximizes your career options and offers an exciting, challenging and rewarding field of study! 

Studying political science prepares students to:

  • think independently
  • develop flexibility, and
  • apply and use critical judgment.
  • At Okanagan College, we offer small class sizes, accessible and innovative teachers, and a learner-centred philosophy designed to help you achieve success in this popular field.