Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies

Is there a connection between women's rights and human rights law? Do the depictions of men and women in the media influence our behaviour? Women’s Studies courses address questions like these through an interdisciplinary perspective that includes law, political science, health, media and religious studies. If you want a global understanding of race, class, gender, feminism, sexuality and ethnicity, consider enrolling in one of our wide variety of Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies courses. 

Gender is an influential organizing feature in all human society, making Women’s Studies courses relevant for students with a wide range of academic interests and employment aspirations. Take the specialized knowledge you acquire in our courses with you as you start out in your career.

Wherever your life’s work takes you – into business, education, health care, or places you have yet to imagine – the insights and perspectives you gain in Women’s Studies at OC will be a solid addition to your skill set.

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Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies at Okanagan College

Our courses integrate well with a wide range of Arts disciplines and student academic interests.

  • Eco-Feminism
  • Women, Crime & Justice
  • Women in Literature
  • Women in Politics
  • Feminism & Film
  • Men and Masculinities
  • Women and Popular Culture

Learn from great instructors with a broad variety of research backgrounds

  • Ann Marie McKinnon 
  • Norah Bowman-Broz
  • Melissa Munn

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