Electric Car Parking/Charging

We have electric car charging stations available on all 4 main campuses.

See Parking Brochure for actual locations, marked as "EV Parking" on the maps.

Charging Stations are available to all students, staff and public. While you don’t pay for the electricity directly, you must still follow all the posted parking regulations including metered parking fees.

In order to activate the charging feature, you will have to swipe an access card.

Cards can be ordered directly from AddEnergie

Alternatively, you can also borrow a swipe card from the Contacts below:

  • KLO Campus – Facilities Office or Security Kiosk
  • Vernon Campus – Administration Office or Security Desk
  • Penticton – Administration Office
  • Salmon Arm – Administration Office
    • Salmon Arm requires you to pay for your parking right at the charging station – just follow the directions right on the machine.