Meet Chris Newitt, Psychology Professor

Psychology Professor Chris Newitt stands in front of a colourful painting

'Whenever I see a student broaden their perspective I feel like I have been successful'

What is your area of interest?

I have a PhD in Developmental Psychology from the University of British Columbia (Vancouver). My research interests are in social and moral decision making and the scholarship of teaching and learning in higher education.

How did you know you had found your discipline?

I found Psychology in second year. Initially I was interested in ground water sciences, but I took Psychology as an elective and things changed for me. I gravitated towards developmental psychology because it seemed the most interdisciplinary, science-based framework for understanding human behaviour.

Why did you choose to work at Okanagan College?

Honestly, there was only one opening for a developmental psychologist in all of Western Canada the year that I graduated and that was Okanagan College. The previous summer my family had travelled through the Okanagan and my wife had remarked that she was open to moving to Kelowna.  In the end it was Kelowna or a 'red state' so the choice was easy.

What do you like the most/least about the work you do?

I really enjoy when I see my former students excelling.  My biggest frustrations involve budgets and those who see education as a business.

Favourite/least favourite teaching experience?

Whenever I see a student broaden their perspective I feel like I have been successful.  I have had former students go on to medical school, graduate school and law school, but I am almost as pleased when I witness my former students taking down quacks and charlatans in the local media.

Where are you the happiest?

With my family or on a soccer pitch.

What matters to you most right now?

Honestly my kids, and as an extension I am concerned with the kind of world that we are leaving future generations.

Published By Public Affairs on October 19, 2020

What is Psychology?

Examining human behaviour and mental processes helps us appreciate why we feel what we feel, think what we think, and even why we dream at night.

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