Meet Ayla Kilic, Political Science Professor

Political Science Professor Ayla Kilic relaxes in the garden with flowers behind her

'I love it when my students challenge me, contradict me with well-founded arguments and express their opinions in class'

What is your education and area of interest?

I have a BA in Political Science, MBA in Human Resources Management, Istanbul University-Turkey; MA and a PhD in Political Science and International Relations, Bosporus University, Istanbul (Turkey). My primary research and teaching foci are global politics, global political economy, global governance, human security, ethnic politics, gender politics and religion and politics. My broader area of expertise is West Asia. Next to the academia, I have work experience in various related fields. I worked as freelance journalist and a Middle East expert on refugee hearings and criminal cases and as a consultant for governmental and non-governmental organizations on socioeconomic, political, religious and cultural issues related to the Middle East in Canada.

When did you know you found your discipline?

At the age of 16 when doing a library search on a high school project incidentally saw a book on Religion and Diplomacy written by William Cunningham in circa 1870s. I got curious and read the book. When finished, I had decided to study political science and become a professor.

Why did you choose to work at Okanagan College?

I have started to work at the college following the split of OUC. To me, it was an exciting new beginning which gave me a rare opportunity to shape the direction of my department, develop new courses and programs.

What do you like most/least about the work you do?

I do not think that there is any aspect of my work that I do not like. I love being in classroom, communicating with my students, opening up new horizons for them, following up their achievements in life.  If I have to pick something, I can say the red-tape and administrative slowness.

Favourite teaching experience?

I love it when my students challenge me, contradict me with well-founded arguments and express their opinions in class. I do not like students playing with their cellphones, chatting etc., during lectures.

What was the best advice you ever received?

“Sleep on it.”

Where are you the happiest?

I am happiest in classroom. As I walk in, I leave all my problems at the door.

If you ran the world?

I do not want to run the world. I want to educate those who will, one day, run the world.

Published By Public Affairs on October 20, 2020

Political Science

Political Science improves awareness of ourselves and our place in the political world, including the capacity to improve and change the world around us. Concerned with the theory and practice of politics, faculty in the department help students develop the ability to understand the world from a variety of political, social and cultural perspectives. The discipline prepares students to think independently, develop flexibility and apply critical judgement.

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