Why We Exist

Multiculturalism, diversity, international perspectives and global citizenship are a reality in the world today. The development of an international or global consciousness is a fundamental aspect of any modern education. Students, graduates, employees and the College itself must possess an enhanced global awareness in order to succeed in this increasingly integrated world. 

Who We Are

The Internationalization Project Team was established in 2016 as an outcome of the College’s Strategic Plan 2016-2020, which directed the College to “implement an internationalization plan so that students better understand the world around them.” Assembled in summer 2016, the Project Team is composed of College employees from across the four College regions.

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What We’ve Done

From 2016 through 2018, the Project Team undertook a work plan that 1) established a set of goals and parameters for the work, 2) explored initiatives at other institutions across Canada, 3) developed a series of questions for use in consultation sessions, 4) formulated different approaches to consultation, 5) carried out consultations in a variety of forms (focus groups, town halls, open engagement tables and surveys) across campuses and within the community, and 6) prepared several drafts of an Okanagan College Internationalization Plan, based on the information gained through research and consultations. 

Consultations & Plan Development

Responses clearly indicated that the Okanagan College community supports efforts to be a leading institution that fosters the values of global citizenship. Read more about how students have been impacted by their international experiences.

Many discussions throughout the consultation phase focused on the need and desire to increase international awareness, competencies and opportunities in all regions and all academic disciplines. The need to value and celebrate diversity and international perspectives was a common thread, as was the need to ensure that all College regions were involved in internationalization. It was determined that an effective strategy would facilitate a broader internationalization perspective and would include all students and employees of Okanagan College and its surrounding communities. An effective strategy would result in the development of a global citizenship perspective among students and employees working and learning in the College regions and those gaining experiences by travelling internationally. It was acknowledged that not all individuals would be able to go abroad to advance their global perspectives, their understanding and respect for cultural diversity, and their appreciation of an increasingly integrated world. Okanagan College must ensure that these new perspectives are included in College classrooms, program curricula, events and activities in all regions. 

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Internationalization plan

A draft Plan was reviewed with the Okanagan College Leadership Team and the Okanagan College Board of Governors in 2018.  Recommendations for amendments were made. The Board of Governors was presented with a revised draft Internationalization Plan at their March 2019 meeting. In June 2019, further feedback was welcomed from the Okanagan College community and in June 2019, both the Leadership Team and the Board of Governors approved the Okanagan College Internationalization Plan as presented.

Internationalization Strategy Project Team Members

  • Allan Coyle – Project Champion
  • Russel Boris – Project Team Co-chair
  • Rosalind Warner – Project Team Co-chair
  • Ed Benoit
  • Angela Checkley
  • Linda Elmose
  • Andrew Hay
  • Youry Khmelevsky
  • Barry McGillivray
  • Ross McKerlich
  • Donna Potter
  • Karen Sansom
  • Roberta Sawatzky
  • Sylvie Vidaillac  
  • Jayne Brooks – Project Consultant