Student Testimonials

What makes Okanagan College so special is the people. From the staff in the International office to my professors, I felt OC was there to advise me, motivate me and help me every step of the way.”

- Naif, Saudi Arabia
Bachelor of Business Administration

The campus celebrates multiculturalism. Many instructors also come from international backgrounds. This gave me the courage to speak up and participate in class."

- Daria, Russia
International Development diploma program

I was shocked and overjoyed when I found out I was selected to receive an international research intership in Germany. I know research opportunities – and opportunities like this to travel and learn abroad – are so important for my future, and so I plan to soak up every bit of knowledge I can.” 

- Teagan Phillips, Canada
University Transfer, Science

Studying abroad has certainly broadened my horizons! Being an international student at Okanagan College has already contributed to many new experiences, but studying in Austria as a Chinese exchange student from Canada was something completely different. I had the opportunity to meet people from around the world while learning English and most recently, German.

The most exciting part during my exchange semester was traveling around Europe where I was able to explore nine European countries including my original destination, Austria. Every time I traveled to a new country I felt a transformation beginning where I opened up to new possibilities. I felt I had free access to many different countries which allowed me to become a citizen of the world.

Traveling gives you a better understanding of humility in which you think less of yourself and more about your surroundings. I have met some amazing people who have helped me appreciate how incredible the world is. I have realized that the more I see and understand, the more I can contribute to this world. That’s how the study abroad program has broadened my experiences, my outlooks, and my visions.”

- Enya Ren, China
Business Administration degree program


Speaking with the students who participated in the field school a year later, it is evident that the learning gained from the course has influenced their lives and careers. Some of these choices include enrolling in OC’s non-profit management class and social entrepreneurship class, volunteering in the community teaching financial literacy, organizing food drives, working with people with disabilities, continuing to volunteer and support Canadian Humanitarian (our partner during the field school), and choosing careers working for social enterprises and international NGOs. Generally the students describe the experience as life altering and the most important experience in their education. As one student commented: 'This was the single most valuable experience in my life'."

- Sheilagh Seaton, Professor, Okanagan School of Business

Shei Seaton

ESL teachers are so kind, gentle and friendly. They always answer my questions and give one on one attention. I am glad that I chose this college.”

- Mami, Japan
English as a Second Language

I am learning the Canadian lifestyle, adapting and making new friends. I meet people from different cultures and countries. The classrooms are cool and professors are available after classes. The professors and campus life are awesome, I get to interact with new people and it widens my vision of life."

- Ankit, India
Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Accounting  

They have professional instructors to mentor every step you make. The sky is the limit!”

- Sylvester, Malaysia
Commercial Aviation 

Okanagan College is a very multi-cultural institution and they provide excellent student services and a variety of clubs to be involved with, along with seminars in my accounting field from external professionals.” 

- Charlene, Jamaica
Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Accounting