Student Responsibilities

Student Responsibilities

All students of OC are expected to adhere to OC conduct policy.

a)  If you are a new student at Okanagan College, it is your responsibility to contact Accessibility Services at the time of acceptance into any program or course.  It is recommended that a student begin the process three months prior to the start of the semester.

b)  Returning students requesting accommodation are required to contact the Accessibility Services Department at the beginning of each academic term.

c)  Students are required to provide the necessary documentation to the Accessibility Services Department and are responsible for any costs incurred in receiving, acquiring or accessing documentation of disabilities. 

d)   Students who have completed the intake process with their Accessibility Services Coordinator and qualify for test accommodations must complete an online test accommodation request form for each exam they would like accommodations for.  All requests for test accommodations should be submitted to Accessibility Services at least 7 business days prior to the scheduled date. For midterms and finals, submit requests 14 business days in advance to ensure accommodations. Click here for the steps on how to complete the Accessibility Services online test accommodation form.