Group Study Tours


Study Tours are specially designed for student groups to meet the requirements from schools, colleges, universities, or private companies. Study tours can vary from short term (1 week) to long term (10 months). Students usually study ESL but other short courses are available. Although the programs have a strong learning component, they also include numerous recreational and cultural activities. Tours to locations outside the Okanagan region such as Banff, Vancouver, or Victoria can be arranged. Students may live in homestay or in student residences.

Contact International Education at Okanagan College to arrange to have a Study Tour Program designed especially for YOU!

The Area

The Okanagan region is famous for its scenic mountains and lakes and is a popular tourist destination in all seasons. The area has a temperate climate, with four distinct seasons, cool winters and warm, dry summers.

Please refer to the Okanagan College Location web page for further information about the region and each city.


Study Tour students can choose from three types of accommodation. The cost, including meals, is included in the study tour package price.

  • Homestay – Selected local families provide a safe, caring atmosphere in a convenient location.
  • Student Residence – Kelowna campus only
  • Hotel/Motel – Accommodation available upon request


ESL Classes

ESL classes are taught by well-qualified Okanagan College instructors who deliver teaching that gives students effective and practical language skills and encourages active participation. The curriculum is designed to be relevant to the students with enough flexibility to respond to the students' needs. The combination of ESL, homestay and cultural activities provide the students with opportunities to improve their confidence in using English.

Other Learning

Through active participation in small classes with experienced teachers, students learn about Canada; its people, lifestyles, geography and culture.

Study Tours can be designed with a particular educational focus. Okanagan College faculty are experts in many fields, including Nursing, Education, Water Quality, Wine Making, Fine Arts, Tourism and Business Management.

Okanagan College International can also arrange to have outside experts provide training in sports such as golf, tennis, skiing, and snowboarding.