Okanagan College Foundation


Okanagan College Foundation hosts a number of special events throughout the year. Some events are designed to raise funds, and some are designed to celebrate and honour our donors and students.

The biggest fundraising event of the year is the Okanagan College Foundation/Western Financial Group Annual Golf Charity Tournament, which has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Okanagan College students throughout the region.

Each of the campuses also hold special events, such as Donor Celebrations and Student Awards Nights where donors are invited to make a personal connection with the recipients of their awards.

OC Foundation Events

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Charity Golf Tournament

Our annual golf tournament is a fun and special day to support students.

Charity golf
Student award receptions

Student award receptions are an opportunity for donors to meet the student they’re supporting. 

Award receptions
Donor appreciation

Our donors mean a lot to us. Getting together gives us a chance to share how you make a major impact in student’s lives.

Donor events