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Student Award Reception

Student awards ease the costs associated with going to school, while recognizing students for their hard work and achievements. In this video, hear from several students who are in our trades programs to learn how these awards are helping them pay for things like eye glasses and maintaining their transportation.

Each year donors have the opportunity to meet with their recipients at events hosted by each campus.

These events provide an informal way for donors to find out directly from the students what their educational experience has been like at Okanagan College, and the difference the award has made to their lives.

We are currently planning a new format for our 2020 Student Award Receptions as a result of COVID-19. Watch for more details to follow.

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Teacher and student at awards ceremony

Awards Reception Student Consent Form

Congratulations on your award! The Okanagan College Foundation is very pleased to assist students like you in fulfilling your academic goals.

With your consent the Okanagan College Foundation may publicly acknowledge your achievement through our newsletter, annual report and other publicity materials. It is a way of sharing your success story with others and at the same time enabling us to help other students by inspiring them to seek out similar awards.

Please complete this form and return it to the Okanagan College Foundation for our records. If you do not wish to share your story, please check the appropriate box below.

You are also requested to enclose a thank you letter addressed to the donor of your award or to the Okanagan College Foundation which will be forwarded to your donor along with your profile.

Awards Reception Student Consent Form