50 People Who Made a Difference


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People who have made a difference

As Okanagan College prepared to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its start (the B.C. Vocational School opened its doors in September 1963), we sought to bolster the ranks of already-honoured luminaries and contributors by acknowledging even more people – 50 of them – who contributed to the development of the College, who strengthened the connection between College and community (regional, provincial, national or global) through their efforts.

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When the ad hoc volunteer selection committee sorted through the nominations as part of the preparations for the 50th anniversary, they quickly came to realize that while there was a rich collection to inform the list of 50 People Who Made a Difference, there were many more who could – and should – be recognized for their contributions to the institutions and service to the community.

To keep an ongoing tribute to the 50th anniversary and the people who have shaped Okanagan College, the nomination process will remain open until May 30, 2013, and you are invited to nominate deserving individuals who may have been missed off the original list (posthumous nominations are accepted.)

The criteria:

  • Through individual efforts, or as part of a team, he or she has contributed significantly to the development, growth and/or reputation of Okanagan College, Okanagan University College, the B.C. Vocational School, or
  • In his/her role as a member of the Okanagan College community (employee, student, alumni, volunteer, board member, etc.) has contributed to the social, economic or cultural development of the region and communities served by Okanagan College, Okanagan University College or the B.C. Vocational School. (That includes the global community.)
  • Those already honored by Okanagan College or Okanagan University College with Honorary Degrees, Honorary Fellowships, Distinguished Alumni, Young Alumni, or Distinguished Service Awards are not eligible for nomination.
  • Current employees are eligible but must be nominated by community members who are not in the employ of Okanagan College (OC employees can nominate fellow employees for the College's annual Employee Excellence Awards)

The list of additional nominees will be reviewed, and the additional people for acknowledgement will be chosen by an ad hoc committee of current and former employees of Okanagan College and Okanagan University College. To view the original list of 50 People Who Made a Difference, click here.

All entries must be received by midnight, May 30, 2014. The names of those who will be acknowledged can be found here. Completeness and thoroughness of the nomination will impact the panel's selection.



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Is the nominee alive (post-humous nominations are accepted)?
Is the individual aware he/she is being nominated (not necessary)
If the person is not aware of this nomination, is it okay if we reveal your name as nominator?
Is the nominee alumni of Okanagan College, OUC or the B.C. Vocational School? The definition of alumni is anyone who has completed a course or program at the institution.