Major Accidents

Serious accidents are designated below and involve:

  • Death or critical condition with a serious risk of death
  • Major structural failure or collapse of a:
    • Building
    • bridge
    • crane
    • hoist
    • tower
    • temporary construction support system
    • excavation
  • Major release of a toxic or hazardous waste
  • ALL injuries requiring medical treatment and all injuries involving lay-off from work
  • A situation not involving injury, but having a potential for causing serious injury


All Personnel:

  • Safeguard the scene to prevent further injury to yourself or other individuals
  • Care for the injured, as you may be trained to provide
  • CALL THE EMERGENCY NUMBER for your Centre/Campus to report the accident and request an Occupational First Aid Attendant if required.

Physical Plant or Principal:

  • Outline appropriate action required, as per Physical Plant Procedures
  • Secure the area
  • Call appropriate authorities and response agencies
  • Provide information and assistance to response teams
  • Obtain names of witnesses
  • Notify Okanagan College officials and Health & Safety Coordinator

Health & Safety Coordinator:

  • Assist with appropriate action wherever required
  • Conduct an investigation of the accident/incident