Many construction and insulation materials contain asbestos. These materials, if removed, or disturbed in an uncontrolled manner, can release asbestos fibres into the air, possibly causing a health hazard. The disturbance and mishandling of the Asbestos-Containing Materials (ACM) can result from activities performed in close proximity to, and not necessarily on asbestos-containing insulation materials. All personnel working with, or in proximity to where there is a likelihood of disturbance to the friable asbestos products must be informed by their supervisors of the known and/or potential hazards associated with this exposure.

All asbestos-related work must be performed in accordance with the WCB’s Asbestos Regulations as a minimum. The work procedures must be safe for the personnel involved, and for the environment, but also must be perceived as safe by the public. Okanagan College has established specific procedures and work practices that meet or exceed this requirement. These can be obtained from Physical Plant. (Asbestos Management Program)


The Asbestos Control Policy is designed to provide information and guidelines for the safe handling of Asbestos-Containing Materials (ACM) to promote awareness of its presence and location in facilities at Okanagan College. The goal is to ultimately prevent incidents of uncontrolled disturbance.


Compliance with this policy is the responsibility of the supervisors of personnel at all levels within administrative, faculty, and ancillary operations, or supervisors of contracted activities where workers may come in contact with ACM.

All uncontrolled asbestos-disturbance incidents must be reported immediately upon discovery to the Occupational Health and Safety Office and Physical Plant. Completion of an incident report is also required from each affected person's supervisor. It is understood that the Safety Office and Physical Plant will share any information regarding such incidents as soon as possible after being notified.

Okanagan College maintains an inventory of structural asbestos for all affected buildings. Also, Physical Plant is responsible for removal and/or clean up of asbestos as required. Physical Plant is also responsible for notifying the Safety Office of all Type 3 Asbestos operations prior to the commencement of any project.

It is the responsibility of Physical Plant to assess any uncontrolled disturbance of ACM in any College facility and to determine if further monitoring is necessary.


If you have any questions or concerns, contact the Facilities Management Division or the Safety Office.