Ty Sideroff

Ty Sideroff story

I have always been interested in our anatomy and exercising so I enrolled in OC’s Kinesiology Diploma program.

My first year was going really well, then COVID-19 hit. I was able to finish the first year in an online format. However, starting school in September completely online, I was struggling to stay engaged with my studies.

Before COVID, many of our classes would be active and in the gym. I found it hard to stay present with everything online and not having the same conversations with the instructors or my classmates.

When you are at home every day at your desk and you only see people through your computer, it takes a toll for sure. I was struggling mentally. I felt alone and separated from everyone. It was a lonely road with no one knowing what was going to happen next.

Time is so incredibly important. I learned that I need to give myself time to do my school work and time to do stuff for myself.

This is what student awards give you, the time to take care of yourself. I made sure I got outside every day even just for a quick walk. I also found ways to connect with my classmates online. If I didn’t have those awards, I would have been working more and I wouldn’t have been able to have taken that time.

I hope I can do something like this for a student in the future.

Growing up I played a lot of hockey and enjoyed learning, but I never took school too seriously. Joining the Kinesiology program, I discovered people with the same interests as me and that I can excel in school. I’m transferring to UBCO this fall to finish my degree. Afterwards, I hope to continue on to medical school to become a doctor.

It is hard to help someone if you do not know what it’s like to be in their position. It is eye- opening once you experience mental stress and I want to be that person to help in any mental or physical way.”


Published By College Relations on September 3, 2021